Mother and daughter smiling and sharing family photos

If you or a loved one are trying to manage a serious illness, St. Joseph Hospital offers empathetic and comforting palliative care services designed to support patients in their time of need.

In order to help patients cope with treatment, our team of caregivers at the Palliative Care Clinic focuses on providing holistic support for patients through relief of suffering, advanced symptom management and restoration of functional capacity.

Our board-certified palliative care physicians honor each individual’s quality of life and work together with specially trained nurse practitioners and social workers.

Through this multidisciplinary approach to care, they discuss each patient's and family's goals, and help coordinate treatment with other disciplines to ensure the highest quality of care.

Our aggressive approach to symptom management helps patients gain the strength to carry on with daily life, improve their ability to tolerate medical treatments and address symptoms of long-term illness.

With a focus on the unique physical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient, we anticipate, manage and proactively treat any distressing symptoms of illness.

It’s important to note that palliative care is not end-of-life care. Unlike hospice care, palliative care is appropriate for any patient who suffers with complex illnesses. Care can be administered at any point during an illness and can be provided alongside curative care.