St. Joseph Hospital views every interaction with patients as an opportunity to serve in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Here's a sampling of patient satisfaction survey comments:

  • "Currently everything is great. Hospital and Pavilion provide excellent service and care. Staff is amazing, friendly, compassionate and caring. Keep up the excellent work."
  • "All of the staff was excellent."
  • "I have my ultrasound and CT scan in St. Joseph Hospital, both are good service."
  • "I don't know her name - but the girl who did my mammogram was very sweet. It was my first one and she made me feel very comfortable during it. Wish I knew her name to write it here! "
  • "Is the best clinic in the world because they have the best doctors, nurses, and workers. All who work there in all the places of St. Joseph Hospital are a good team. Thank you for everything. Thank you very much."
  • "Everyone was great. I actually came home and called my sister and said everyone was so nice that it made me almost wish I had to have a mammogram more often. Very friendly and helpful! And I got cookies afterwards! Awesome experience. You guys rock!"
  • "Good experience. No improvement needed. I just want to say in my own words how wonderful the experience was. From the registration on the first floor to the completion of the mammogram, everyone was caring and professional. I did not have to wait to be helped at the registration or for the exam. They seem to just know how to space the appointments to respect the patient's time. I am so happy that you sent this survey to me, because I was going to send a letter stating my great experience!"
  • "I love St. Joe's. I believe it is one of the best hospitals in the country. Wouldn't go anywhere else."
  • "The women in pre-admissions were very friendly and made the experience easier."
  • "Everyone are professional, nice to talk to and with smile. I do like to be in your hospital if I need. Very clean and convenient. More power to St. Joseph's Hospital."
  • "The technician that did the CT scan was super nice & caring."
  • "I first came to St. Joe in 1960. I remember a tall brick building you have grown a lot over the years. I'm glad in my 81 years I've had wonderful doctors and care. "
  • "The nurse who did the IV & Cat Scan was very good. Sorry I don't remember her name because she deserves a commendation. "
  • "I am known for my panic and anxiety problems and I was a little bit anxious to get an MRI but when I got there the lady at the appt. center was extremely kind to me. Everyone was so kind and showed great care for me as a patient. Thank you very much for a great experience during what could have been a nerve-wracking experience."
  • "The nurse that administered my MRI, MRA and contrast was fabulous. She was very caring and comforting. I don't know her name, but would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for her professionalism and reassurance."
  • "For the past six years I have returned to St. Joseph's for my MRI - I cannot say enough with regards to the excellent treatment in admitting and also your MRI department. My annual appointment is with Dr. (William) Loudon and I could have my MRI in Reno but prefer to return to St. Joseph's."