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Providence Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute - Spokane

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Providence Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute - Spokane

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Providence Orthopedics and Sports Medicine program offers convenient locations to serve you in Spokane, Spokane Valley, North Spokane and Colville.

We provide surgical and non-surgical treatment options to get you back in motion. The right treatment for you will depend on your unique condition and your overall health and lifestyle. Our expert team of providers provides a variety of services from head-to-toe.

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Depending on your injury, we provide treatment solutions for the following:

  • ACL, MCL, PCL reconstruction and repairs 
  • Arthroscopy
  • Bone and soft tissue tumors
  • Casting, splinting and bracing
  • Concussion treatment
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Emergency and trauma services
  • Foot and ankle sprains and breaks
  • Hand, wrist, finger and carpal tunnel treatment
  • Joint replacement and reconstruction
  • MAKO robotic surgery for hip and knee replacement
  • Minimally-invasive surgical repair/replacement
  • Overuse injuries such as rotator cuff, shin splints, and stress fractures
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Shoulder replacement and repairs
  • Sprains, strains and fracture services
  • Sports injury (pre-participation and return-to-play assessments)

The Providence Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Program in Spokane offers non-surgical and surgical treatment options based on your situation and overall health and lifestyle. You should speak with an orthopedic provider if you:

  • Suffer from constant or ongoing joint pain
  • Have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Had a past bone injury
  • Have decreased mobility
  • Feel joint pain during certain types of weather
  • Are unable to put weight on your joint
  • Notice discomfort after active sports and hobbies
  • Feel stiff after sleep or sitting
  • Have difficulty sitting up and down or going up stairs 

Pain in any of your joints can keep you from participating in the activities you love. Our board-certified providers and fellowship-trained surgeons get you back to doing what you love by creating customized treatment options that meet your needs and fit your life. You’ll receive individual attention and the best care available – all in a comfortable and compassionate environment. We recognize that detailed attention to your needs is essential to making your visit with us a positive experience.

Team members who may be involved in your care include:

  • Orthopedic doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Primary care physician
  • Pharmacists
  • Radiologic technologists
  • Radiologist
  • Social workers
  • Case Managers
  • Nurses
  • Sports medicine providers
  • Athletic Trainers

Patients scheduled for total joint replacement must attend an education session prior to surgery. This ensures you have all the information you need about how to prepare for surgery, what to expect on the day of surgery, and what you should know about your recovery.

This education session is available via Zoom or pre-recorded videos.

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You should also review the following information:

For total shoulder arthroplasty patients, the educational video recording is available on demand under the shoulder video link below.

You should also review the following information:

For those who have had shoulder surgery, please view these shoulder exercise videos:

Improving your experience through technology

If you and your provider have determined surgery is right for you, Providence Orthopedics offers you an easy way to stay connected, informed and on track from your initial appointment through your procedure and recovery. This new digital experience offers virtual visits, preparation reminders and follow-up contacts after your procedure.

Your Digital Experience can include:

  • Virtual Visits with your specialist from the comfort of your home (smartphone, tablet, or home computer required).
  • An option to receive communications via text messages or email sent to your phone, tablet, or computer providing:
    • Information and reminders to support you and help you prepared for your procedure.
    • Follow-up messages that allow you to check-in directly with your care team so they can monitor your recovery and progress, as well as address any care or pain concerns.

The providers who are currently offering these features, specializes in hip and knee replacement procedures. Talk with your physician to see if these features are available for your surgery or call 866-356-9434.

Hip and Knee Videos

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  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Hip Replacement
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Knee Replacement

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