Latest News for Alaska

In 2021, the Valdez Food Bank received $20,000 from Providence Alaska to add the Rental Deposit Assistance Program to its services.
In 2021, Providence Alaska provided $46,453 for SeaView Community Services to expand treatment for substance use disorder, and temporary housing is a result of that effort.
In 2021, Providence Alaska provided more than $50,000 to help the organization continue the hospice work it has been doing since 2011 and to expand its palliative care program.
A group of women have found support with a program called IñuPiphany, a women’s cultural healing center that provides a comfortable space for up to 20 Alaska Native women who face challenges.
Providence Alaska has funded three therapists who are now integrated at Wendler, and Muldoon and Lake Otis elementary schools. They support students and staff in a holistic way.
Home For Good is a three-year program seeking to help 150 of Anchorage’s most vulnerable -- people experiencing homelessness -- by connecting them with housing and support services.
Providence community health worker programs support culturally competent local care.
The Providence family of organizations strives to create ongoing, strategic partnerships to serve those disproportionately affected by housing instability and homelessness.