Welcome to Montana's 2023 Annual Report

For more than 150 years, our commitment to providing for the poor and vulnerable in Montana has been unwavering. In 2023, Providence invested $25 million in total benefits to the communities we serve, including $5 million in free and discounted care.

Our support includes projects like the newly opened 16-bed Riverwalk Crisis Center in Missoula. The Center provides around-the-clock short-term assessment, treatment and connection to resources for people experiencing a behavioral health crisis, regardless of residency or ability to pay. 

We partnered with Missoula County Youth Court and Missoula County Public Schools to create a mobile crisis response unit – connecting students to support services – to keep them from entering the juvenile justice system.

Our partnerships within the community have enabled us to move forward with these needed resources. We continue to serve as a vital safety net for those in need.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your care.

William Calhoun, MBA, FACHE
Chief Executive, Providence Montana

Montana Infographic showing $25 million in total benefits to our community in 2023