Medical Records from Redwood Memorial Hospital

To receive copies of your medical record, you must complete an Authorization form.

Mail or fax your completed Authorization form to:

Redwood Memorial Hospital
3300 Renner Dr.
Fortuna, CA. 95540
Dept Phone 707-725-3361 x7347
Dept Fax 707-725-7248

The Authorization form must be completed in order to be a valid Authorization.

Information pertaining to mental health treatment, HIV and alcohol and drug are designated as sensitive information. In order to release this information, the Authorization form must specifically state this. There are check boxes on the form that need to be checked if this information is requested.

  • When picking up your copies you will be required to show photo identification
  • There may be a fee associated with the production of your medical records

If you have any questions regarding obtaining copies of medical records, please contact the Health Information Management (HIM) department at 707-445-8121 x 7510 for St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, CA or 707-725-3361 x7347.

Birth certificates

Certified copies of Birth Certificates over 2 months old may be obtained from the Office of Vital Records located at 825 5th Street, Eureka, CA 95501. Vital Records shares an office with the County Clerk Recorder Office on the 5th floor of the Courthouse. Please call Vital Records at 707-445-7382 for fee information.

Paternity information

Paternity Opportunity Program (POP) has 2 free and easy ways to get information:

  1. Call toll free: 1-866-249-0773
  2. Email:

For a copy of your completed POP application, contact Child Support Services at 707-441-3224. For a copy of a “Filed Declaration of Paternity” call 1-866-249-0773.