Business Requirements

The Resource, Engineering and Hospitality Group is a shared central service organization that manages the evaluation and supplier onboarding process for Providence. Once a supplier has been qualified to provide products or services, there are several key elements that are required to successfully onboard the supplier and establish the business relationship.

Suppliers will be asked to:

  • Provide standard business information which includes submission of tax ID information (W9)
  • Comply with Providence organization-wide and local facility specific policies
  • Complete required health, exclusion and background screen checks

Additional information and documentation may be required during the evaluation process. Once registered, your organization may be considered to participate in a bidding opportunity, Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) or other contract opportunities.

A Providence department that has an existing or new business relationship with a supplier must submit the supplier contact information to initiate the supplier sponsorship process.

Suppliers may receive correspondence(s) with questions when verifying company information prior to completing the onboarding requirement.

Completing the supplier registration process does not guarantee your company the opportunity to conduct business with Providence.

Providence recognizes the need for a structured system within the patient care setting for education, training and introduction of procedures, techniques, technology, and equipment to the patient care team. Health care industry representatives (HCIR), by virtue of their training, knowledge and expertise, can provide technical assistance to the patient care team, which expedites the procedure and facilities the safe and effective application of products and technologies. Collaborating with HCIRs requires standard guidelines that clearly define the management of HCIRs and their activities with our facilities, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, bylaws and existing policies.

Providence has instituted a supplier access program that provides security and flexibility in managing suppliers who require access to our facilities. Providence's supplier access program streamlines the background check and credentialing process and the management of key information regarding the regulatory and compliance status of suppliers. Through this program, suppliers can electronically provide the information we need to:

  • Communicate our unique and most current business policies
  • Ensure that we have the most accurate understanding of supplier business, capabilities and contact information
  • Screen business partners, suppliers and representatives against state and federal sanction lists
  • Manage access to our facilities and patient care areas based on background, immunization, training and compliance status

Suppliers are required to check in and receive an ID badge upon arrival at any of the Hospital facilities. When visiting an off-site facility, suppliers are required to comply with the check-in procedures established at such locations.

Suppliers are not permitted to use Providence resources to disseminate information to personnel or leave any type of printed or handwritten materials, advertisements or signs in patient care areas or public areas in any facilities.

To protect patient confidentiality and avoid disruptions in patient care, suppliers are not permitted in patient care areas except where there is clear educational or patient care benefit requiring a supplier to be present. Suppliers are prohibited from soliciting our caregivers (employees) and unsolicited visits to any facility. Appointments are required for all supplier representatives, except for:

  • Routine deliveries or pick-ups, including deliveries of office supplies or food products
  • Pick-ups or deliveries by UPS, Federal Express, or courier service to the designated loading dock or delivery location
  • Onsite consulting or construction work under a long-term agreement

Suppliers should have a signed agreement in place prior to commencing work for Providence which includes required business terms and conditions. For questions, email Supplier Relations.

Suppliers who wish to present new medical products, devices or equipment to PSJH personnel must be aware that prior to the evaluation or purchase; the appropriate Value Analysis Team must review and approve all items that introduce either new technology or significant change to existing technology to the organization.

This policy applies to all medical devices, disposable products and clinical equipment (approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or not), including any items that have been approved for use by the appropriate Review Board (IRB).

Providence encourages qualified local, regional and diverse businesses to participate in sourcing events. Providence utilizes competitive bidding to promote good stewardship of the organization’s resources and support equal opportunities for all participants. Qualified suppliers may view the list of open sourcing opportunities, which is frequently updated.

Current suppliers

Companies currently doing business with Providence must be in good standing, compliant with current policies and have completed the supplier onboarding process. The onboarding process determines whether the company meets standards put in place due to increased regulatory requirements.

New suppliers

For a company to be eligible to submit bids or sell products and services to Providence, the organization must have completed the supplier onboarding process. A Providence caregiver may invite your organization to register with the Providence Supplier Registration Portal for consideration.

Completing the onboarding process or submitting an RFX response does not guarantee contract awards to conduct business with Providence.