Delivery and Freight

Freight and shipping

Supplier will ship all goods per carrier instructions listed on the PO; unless agreed otherwise through contract terms and conditions.

Freight Management Program

Our organization has contracted with Cardinal Health OptiFreight® Logistics to manage our freight program. Our decision to have OptiFreight® Logistics manage our freight is based in part on rate reduction, mode optimization, and additional value-added services.

We ask that you help us by contacting the appropriate people in your organization (Customer Service, Order Entry, Shipping, Accounts Receivable, Supply Chain, etc.) to ensure that:

  • All applicable small package shipments will be shipped via FedEx utilizing the appropriate FedEx account number (contact for the routing guide details).
  • For any order with a combined shipping weight of 150+ lbs, call 1-888-457-5851 for specific carrier instructions prior to shipping.

OptiFreight® Logistics is working on our behalf and at our direction. You will provide OptiFreight® Logistics complete access to our shipping information including, but not limited to, purchase order numbers, account numbers, invoice numbers, shipping and handling fee Information.

***These terms do not apply to shipments for which you currently do not charge us freight. In these instances, please continue to use your current method of shipping.

Any questions regarding this communication should be directed to the our Freight Optimization Program Manager Tanya Goodier ( or the OptiFreight® Logistics Vendor Relations team at 1-877-852-9646.