Genesis & Suppliers

Providence currently has multiple legacy ERP systems supporting clinical, community and business services across its operations. Having multiple, parallel systems does not allow us to ease the way of caregivers, communities and external partners due to inefficiency and duplicative work.

Integrating into a single ERP through Genesis (Oracle Cloud Fusion) will allow Providence to further modernize Mission-inspired services, while improving core business operations and services for internal and external stakeholders. Once the ERPs are modernized to Genesis, suppliers will experience increased standardization in Procure to Pay, Sourcing and Operations processes of Providence.

As a result of the Genesis implementation, AP, Procurement and Sourcing activities will be impacted, including:

  • Updates to Purchase Order numbering, Non-PO Invoice Routing and Bill To Address Updates
  • Sourcing Activities, like contract extensions and supplier adds
  • EDI updates in partnership with GHX

Even though Providence is modernizing its ERP, the following will not change as a result of the implementation:

  • Supplier Onboarding will still flow through internal sponsorship and Supplier Gateway
  • Vendor Credentialing will continue to be supported by Vendormate
  • GHX will remain Providence’s VAN partner for EDI transactions

The timeline for Genesis communication and key dates are:

  • February 2022: Supplier site updated with Genesis content, including freeze dates
  • May 2022: Function-specific content complete; FAQs are live
  • June 2022: Go/No Go decision and final reminder
  • July 5, 2022: Waved deployments start
  • Q3 2023: Waved deployments end

Genesis FAQ

Process Updates

Procure-to-pay integrates procurement and accounts payable to create greater efficiencies while simplifying and controlling financial transactions. The process includes four key stages:

  1. Requisitioning goods and services
  2. Enforcing compliance and order
  3. Receipt and reconciliation
  4. Invoicing and payment

The Accounts Payable team manages the invoice payment functions for the organization, and Genesis will impact both invoices and payments. We value strong relationships with our supplier community and want to ensure continuity of business processes with minimal disruption.

Invoice requirements

To streamline invoice routing, all invoices require a PO number. If the purchase doesn’t require a PO number, a Providence caregiver/employee email address will be used to manage approval for payment versus routing codes (ex. 49684800). Invoices sent to accounts payable that do not include a valid PO number or caregiver email address will not be processed.

Invoice Submission

Beginning July 1, 2022, PDF invoice files should be sent via email to Each email can have multiple PDF files attached, but each file should be only one invoice. Invoices require either a PO number or caregiver email address.

Please note: Hobbs, Healdsburg and Grace will not be included in the July non-PO conversion

Secure TLS Invoice Submission

Download setup documents.

GHX EDI 810 setup

As we approach go live, GHX will be communicating with existing EDI suppliers. Prompt responses from our EDI-enabled suppliers will ensure the transactional exchange of Invoices (EDI810) and subsequent payments are not disrupted.

Bill to Address update

Providence’s Bill to Address will be updated as part of the move to Genesis as of July 1, 2022. This change is related only to where invoices are submitted; ship to addresses and accounts are not impacted. If your organization will require new accounts as part of this process, please email Customer Service and include “Bill to address update” in the subject line. If new accounts are not needed, no action is required.

Bill to address (effective July 1, 2022):
Providence St. Joseph
PO Box 31263
Salt Lake City, UT 84131

Customer Service

Accounts Payable is committed to supporting our suppliers. For inquiries please send us an email. Please include “Genesis” in the subject line of emails to Customer Service. This will ensure inquiries regarding the new ERP get to the right team.

The Procurement team manages purchasing transactions by facilitating the Purchase Order (PO) cycle for goods and services with the supplier. As a result of Genesis, PO numbering and PO layout will look different.

Purchase Order numbering

Purchase Order numbering will be standardized for all Providence locations.

GHX EDI 850 setup

GHX will communicate with existing EDI suppliers as we approach go live. Prompt responses from our EDI-enabled suppliers will ensure the transactional exchange of Purchase Orders (EDI850) and Purchase Order Acknowledgement (EDI855) are not disrupted.

Customer Service

Procurement is committed to supporting our suppliers. For inquiries please send us an email. Please include “Genesis” in the subject line of emails to Customer Service. This will ensure inquiries regarding the new ERP get to the right team.

Providence’s REH Sourcing team is committed to excellence in spend stewardship, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the contracting life cycle. Key areas of contract extensions, conversions, RFPs and Supplier Onboarding will be impacted by the Genesis implementation.


The Sourcing team is proactively reaching out to suppliers that have upcoming expiring contracts to mitigate potential disruption while Genesis is being deployed and stabilized. Providence will reach out to your organization if needed and provide specific communication for next steps in the extension process.

Freeze dates

The following supplier activities will be frozen May 1, 2022 to July 8, 2022.

  • Urgent products for critical care
  • Urgent activities impacting existing Real Estate, IS or Equipment projects
  • New supplier onboarding for urgent product or service impacting existing projects or clinical care

The following supplier activities will be deprioritized May 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022

  • Product evaluations
  • Non-urgent product conversions
  • Non-urgent new supplier onboarding
  • Contracting: New Contracts, Amendments and item adds, including for non-urgent products, equipment or services

Have questions?

Please reach out to your REH Strategic Sourcing partner.

Real Estate Strategy Operations (RESO) Design & Construction Payment Process

RESO Design & Construction has a unique process for purchase orders and submittal of invoices.

Suppliers working on RESO Design & Construction projects should continue to partner with RESO teams directly for purchase orders and submittal of invoices. Invoices sent directly to Procurement, Accounts Payable or Accounting may result in delays in processing.

Depending on the scope of your services, suppliers may be following different processes for payment submittal across different Providence divisions.

  • Regardless of other communications you may receive (either via email, letter, or phone call), please do not deviate from the RESO process for projects tied to the Division.
  • If you have any questions about which process to follow, please work with your RESO Design & Construction team member.
  • Failure to abide by RESO’s processes may result in increased issues having invoices approved, which ultimately may lead to significant delays in payment.