Vendormate Registration Guide

Supported Web Browsers
  • Firefox 65.x and above
  • Chrome 75.x.x.x and above
  • Safari 11.x.x and above
  • Microsoft® Edge 88.x.x and above

Vendormate does not work on Internet Explorer – please use on of the browsers above when trying to access Vendormate

Additional requirements
  • Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher

To complete your Vendormate Registration:

  1. Enter your email address.

  2. Enter your company's Tax ID or Legal Name of Business. Have your employer's Tax ID (also known as an EIN Number) available before you begin. Enter the 9 digits without dashes or spaces. Personal social security numbers are not accepted.

  3. You may be directed to the payment screen to pay the credentialing fee on behalf of your company. Payment is accepted online via credit card. The cost for registration, screening and credentialing is paid per company Tax ID, per health care system.

  4. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address you used for registration. You must confirm your email address by logging in; then acknowledge any required policies and supply any required documents based on your business relationship with the hospital system. Please note, you may add additional health care facilities to your account(s) once you have completed the initial registration by selecting '+New Health System’.

Go to the supplier home screen at

Vendormate screenshot 1

  1. Login in to Vendormate

  2. Select Accounts from the Home page

Vendormate screenshot 2

3. Select Providence St. Joseph as an account.

  Vendormate screenshot 3

4. Select the Accounts tab

5. Select User Relationship

6. Answer the questions about your interactions in Providence

7. Identify which Providence location you intend to visit

Vendormate screenshot 4

8. Select Requirements in the accounts tab

9. For each requirement, select Upload to provide the required documents

10. To acknowledge the required policy, for each policy, select Acknowledge to view the required policy

Vendormate screenshot 5

Visit the Supplier Resource Center. This center houses key information on navigating Vendormate and the credentialing process.

To access a printed badge please follow the instructions below.

Vendormate screenshot 6

Vendormate screenshot 7

To use the app to enter a facility, please see the instructions in the video.

Please confirm that your local ministry uses the app. Most acute facilities require printed badges.

Vendormate screenshot 8

Vendor Support Contact Information

To live chat with Vendormate support:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Contact Us'
  3. Select 'I Need Technical Support'
  4. Select 'Live Chat with Vendormate Support'