Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to provide COVID-19 vaccination/exemption information to Providence?

    Vendor Vaccination Flow Infographic

  • My employees are fully remote, do they need to provide Providence with vaccination or exemption information?

    No. The Providence policy applies to vendors entering Providence facilities. Vendors who are fully remote are exempt from these requirements and are not required to provide vaccination or exemption information.

  • My employees deliver only to the loading dock or only enter the facility to make a brief delivery, do they need provide to Providence with vaccination or exemption information?

    No. These vendors are exempt from tracking. Screening and tracking not required if the interaction is “fleeting” (i.e., in the facility long enough to make a delivery, pick up mail, boxes, etc.)
    Vendors will be subject to all local protocols (e.g. health screening, masks, social distancing).

    For interactions that are not fleeting (e.g. delivery to multiple floors or in-patient care areas) vendors are required to provide documentation of vaccination or exemption status via Vendormate or local ministry processes.

  • Can I upload either vaccination or exemption status documentation onto Vendormate?

    Yes. Within Vendormate there is an option to upload exemption information and related testing information.

    Please reach out to the Vendormate Vendor Support Team for more information:

  • Who is responsible for reviewing and approving an exemption request?

    Employers are responsible for reviewing and approving exemptions per state and/or federal guidance. Providence cannot approve these exemptions on their behalf.
    Please contact your employer for more information on their process for evaluating exemptions.

    If you receive an approved exemption from your employer, please upload this to Vendormate or provide it to the ministry in accordance with their local processes.

  • What is the deadline for compliance in my state?
    • Washington – 10/18/2021
    • Oregon – 10/18/2021
    • California – 9/30/2021
    • New Mexico – 10/18/2021

    Dates are subject to change based on state or federal mandates.

    For more information on state specific requirements, please refer to the desired state on our Supplier Credentialing and Access page

  • What happens if I do not submit this information by the state deadline?

    Vendors who do not comply with Providence policy or state mandates by the deadline may be denied entry into Providence facilities.

  • What requirements will I have to meet on Vendormate?

    Vendors must meet all requirements noted in Vendormate which are stipulated by Providence policy and other state and local health requirements.

    The requirements will include COVID vaccination/exemption documentation and other information that meets Providence policy and/or government mandates.

  • How much will it cost me to register in Vendormate?

    For inquiries about pricing, please reach out to the Vendormate Vendor Support Team:

  • If a supplier is asked to come onsite and they were not aware of the requirements for their local ministry, what should they do?

    Please contact your local ministry to understand their local COVID-19 vaccination and door entry requirements.

  • If my state mandates testing for vendors with religious/medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine, who provides the tests?

    Providence is not responsible for vendor testing. Please contact your employer for details on how to meet state mandated testing requirements.