About Us

Hospice of Lubbock has an interdisciplinary team of trained professionals and volunteers to deliver quality hospice care. Your Hospice of Lubbock team includes a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, certified nursing aide, social worker, bereavement counselor, volunteers, chaplains, community liaisons and administrative support. Your Hospice of Lubbock team provides care and support that encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual needs during this transition. Our focus is on you and your family – not the disease. Hospice of Lubbock includes you and your loved ones in making decisions.

Meet Your Hospice of Lubbock Team


You are the leader of your team.


Your physician is trained as a consultant for pain and symptom management, providing medical supervision to you, your family and your hospice team. They will direct your plan of care with routine reviews to ensure the utmost quality of care, educate you and your caregivers as needed and will make home visits when necessary.

Nurse practitioner

Your nurse practitioner is trained as a consultant for pain and symptom management and will provide skilled assessment of your condition. They will routinely review your plan of care to ensure the utmost quality is provided, educate you and your caregivers as needed, and will be able to make home visits when necessary.

Registered nurse/case managers

The registered nurse/case manager is your main point of contact and is an expert in pain and symptom management. They will provide skilled assessment of your condition on a 24-hour/7-days-a-week basis, will be on-call for pain and symptom control, and address the need for emotional support. Your case manager understands that you are an individual with your own needs and concerns. They will provide the support and attention needed to allow you to feel safe and comfortable during a challenging time in you and your family’s life.

Certified nursing aides

Your aide will provide the most intimate care in a private and dignified way; they are one of the most important parts of your team. They work with your nurse to create a plan of care that is specific to you. Your aide will follow your unique plan of care to provide personal hygiene, grooming needs and emotional support.

Social workers

Your social worker will offer guidance on end-of-life issues and advanced directives. They will assist you and your family to get affairs in order, such as final arrangements. Your social worker is an advocate for you and your family during this time and will offer expertise in community resources. They will provide support to reduce emotional and social stress on you and your family.

Bereavement counselors

Your bereavement and grief counselor is a specially-trained professional dedicated to helping those experiencing loss. They will be available to help you process your emotions in a way that makes sense to you, help your loved ones process their emotions in a way that makes sense to them, and provide individual counseling or group sessions. Bereavement and grief counseling will help you and your family navigate through an emotional and difficult transitional period.

Trained volunteers

Our volunteers have undergone 16 hours of training prior to being placed with you. They provide dependable companionship, emotional support and temporary respite for your family. Your volunteer will be available to play cards, write letters, run errands or visit with you.


Chaplains offer a variety of services to you and your family. Offering spiritual support for you and your family, they will function as a liaison with the religious community of your request and are trained to serve people of any faith community.

Community liaisons

The community liaison is your advocate and a bridge between you, your family and other agencies of Lubbock (and surrounding communities) to ensure quality of care. They develop relationships with hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, communities and religious organizations. The community liaison coordinates community education efforts and collaborates with other agencies within the community to provide education on hospice services.

Administrative support

The administrative support team assists in operational support and legal documentation, and maintains relationships with Medicare, Medicaid and other managed care providers. Your administrative support team includes a receptionist, medical records and billing specialists.