Our History

We've come a long way since Dr. Facey first founded his practice in San Fernando 100 years ago! Experience a century of extraordinary care through the pictures and words from Facey patients and caregivers in our commemorative memory book.

1923 - Dr. Facey begins his practice

A 30 year-old Frederick Duncan Facey, M.D. moves from North Dakota with his wife and children to begin practicing medicine in the San Fernando Valley. Facey chooses to hang his shingle on a small building on Brand Boulevard in San Fernando and opens his clinic in August 1923.

1933 - The Facey family grows

Well-entrenched in his practice, but desiring to build something even better, Dr. Facey gradually took on partners. Dr. Facey practiced medicine by himself for approximately ten years before Dr. Ed Sudlow came on the scene in 1933. The two were joined by Dr. Paul Seitter in 1937, and the group's first OB/Gyn, Dr. Paul Eidson, joined the group in the early 1940s. Two additional general physicians, Drs. Albert Goetschel and Ward Warren, came on board shortly thereafter. These men not only spent time in private practice, but also were well-known caregivers at the only inpatient facility in the area, The San Fernando Hospital.

1950s - Expansion

Early in the 1950s, Dr. Facey realized the need for expansion and opened a new facility at 417 South Brand Boulevard with enough space for everyone including doctors and patients. They quickly established a reputation by providing good care and caring service. Dr. Goetschel remembered those "early years" posed quite a challenge. The "wonder drug," penicillin, was not yet on the market, and so many times, there was little a physician could do for patients beside offer suggestions on how to make them comfortable. Frequently Dr. Goetschel booked his own appointments, and he made house calls almost every night. Facey Medical Group is formally incorporated in 1955 after operating as a group practice for more than 2 decades. When Drs. Kent Williamson, Richard Doyle, and David Breen joined Facey in the mid-late '50s, these talented young physicians became the backbone of the Facey Medical Group practice.

1956 - Dr. Frederick Facey passes away

Dr. Facey passes away in February at the age of 62, one year before his son, Frederick Laird Facey, graduates from USC Medical School (becoming a noted surgeon and USC professor in his own right). What started as a small storefront practice became a career spanning 33 years of practicing medicine in the San Fernando Valley, ultimately resulting in what now exists as Facey Medical Group. 

The 1960's - Reaching out to families

Dr. Ward Warren (internist), Dr. Konrad Ulich (pediatrician), and Dr. Kent Williamson (internist) join the group in the late 50s as demand for Facey's innovative approach to care increases. On the advice of his cousin (who would later become a Facey physician himself), Dr. Norman Cobert joins Facey on July 4, 1960, as the San Fernando Valley's first board-certified OB/Gyn. With the Valley growing at a rapid rate and the Facey practice following suit, a new 20,000-square-foot facility at 11211 Sepulveda Boulevard in Mission Hills opened its doors in March of 1963. Twelve medical suites, a Laboratory, an X-ray department, a Pharmacy, and two Dental suites were now available to better serve many families in the area. More physicians join the group, including Dr. John Lynch (OB/Gyn), who later served as the Physician Chief of Staff at Holy Cross hospital during the 1970s.

1968 - Valencia facility planned

Space was rented in a medical complex, and one pediatrician and one internist joined the Facey family to provide care at the location. Future plans for an expanded Valencia location were made.

1980 - Porter Ranch location opens

At this new location, physicians specializing in Internal medicine and Pediatrics made care even more accessible to local residents.

1984 - Mission Hills facility expands

Facey's "mother ship" location doubles in size & opens the first Facey Urgent Care clinic achieving one of Dr. Facey's earliest dreams of creating a true "one-stop shop" for the community's health needs. Specialist practices now include: internal medicine, pediatrics, allergy, behavioral medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, OB/GYN, oncology/hematology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology (ENT), podiatry, rheumatology, surgery & urology.  Audiology, dietary, laboratory, optometry, and radiology/x-ray services are also offered, all in one place.

1984 - Canyon Country office opens

This location opened with one pediatrician and one Internist. Current specialists working at this location include physicians in internal medicine, pediatrics, lab & x-ray, endocrinology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, podiatry, rheumatology, and optometry.

1993 - Facey Alhambra opens

The group agrees to purchase the Alhambra Medical Group, which includes Dr. Cobert's cousin, pediatrician Herb Rappaport. Added to our roster were seven internists and three pediatricians, plus specialists in dermatology, gastroenterology, OB/GYN, podiatry, rheumatology, and surgery. As with other Facey clinics, laboratory and radiology/X-ray services also are available on-site.

1995 - Three-story Northridge building opens

Today this facility houses a Family Medicine department, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, OB/GYN, and Surgery, as well as Laboratory and Radiology facilities. A complete Occupational Medicine Department at 8330 Reseda Boulevard in the old Northridge Community Medical Group Building also was opened.

1995 - New Valencia building completed

This facility was enhanced to include physicians specializing in Allergy, Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, and Pediatrics. In addition, an Urgent Care Center was available.

1998 - Castaic facility opens

Facey opened a new Castaic office with one Family Practice physician, making us the first health care provider that is local to this rapidly growing community north of Valencia.

2001 - Northridge-Reseda building remodeled

For 5 years this facility housed Physical Therapy and Pediatrics. In 2001 Pediatrics has expanded to our 3-Story Northridge facility, and Physical Therapy has it's own wing in Mission Hills.

2002 - Canyon Country II is added

This location offered 4 Family Medicine physicians and one Internal Medicine physician.

2002 - Valencia II is added

With the growth in the Valencia area, Facey added this new multi-specialty office featuring Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, Rheumatology, Surgery, and an entire Women's Center dedicated to women's health services.

2002 - New Copper Hill building opens, Castaic gets an upgrade

This brand-new facility offers Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Medicine, Laboratory and Radiology/X-ray services to the communities of Saugus and Copper Hill in Santa Clarita.

2004 - Mission Hills Women's Center opens

After witnessing its success at Valencia II, Facey renovated a portion of our existing building at 11165 Sepulveda Blvd to house a second Women's Center. The expanded OB/GYN department now has procedure rooms, expanded radiology/ultrasound services and much more.

2004 - Facey Alhambra moves to San Gabriel

Facey leaves the landmark building originally built for and occupied by the Alhambra Medical Group since 1942 (which Facey Acquired in 1993) and moves into brand new offices adjacent to San Gabriel Medical Center. The sparkling new facility becomes the crown jewel in the Facey family, replacing a much-loved location with a modern, yet equally warm and colorful office.

2005 - Valencia I moves to SCV Medical Plaza

Our Valencia I office bids farewell to its home for ten years and moves a few blocks west to join Providence Holy Cross at the Santa Clarita Valley Medical Plaza. The brand-new facility features improved parking, a friendlier layout, a modernized Urgent Care center and much more.

2006 - Physical Therapy moves to Mission Hills

Facey's Physical Therapy department has grown considerably and has now moved from the smaller Reseda facility to a brand new wing within our Mission Hills complex.

2008 - Valencia II facility expands

Facey opens a brand new suite in its Valencia II facility, serving both the growing needs of our Rheumatology patients, as well as hosting an Orthopedics office, a new offering within the Facey selection of specialties — An elegantly designed and state-of-the-art addition.

2008 - Cosmetic Dermatology

As an enhancement to our existing Dermatology services in Mission Hills, Facey introduced a selection of cosmetic dermatological offerings. The program is administered by Dr. David Goldman, a board certified dermatologists and is supported by a professional staff.

2008 - Clinical Research Center

Facey has been conducting research on various health issues through clinical trials since 2000. In 2008 our research program builds its first Clinical Research Center. Located in the Mission Annex building adjacent to the main Mission Hills facility, the new Center encompasses approximately 2,700 square feet and includes six exam rooms.

2009 - New Valencia III Office

In response to the growing Valencia community Facey opens a second specialty office nearby on the campus of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital. The specialties featured are Dermatology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Skin Disorders and Urology.

2010 - Porter Ranch Plaza

Facey has relocated our Porter Ranch office to a new facility located at Rinaldi and Porter Ranch Drive. Porter Ranch Plaza is Facey Medical Group's response to the growing needs of the residents in the West San Fernando Valley, offering expanded patient care services, including Internal and Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology and Urology.

2011 - Facey pushes west into Simi Valley

On January 17, 2011, our new Simi office was opened, being initially staffed with two family medicine physicians. This new office building at 2655 First Street features thirteen exam rooms and on-site laboratory services. Facey is excited that needed care is convenient for patients in the Simi area. Along with our Simi family practitioner MDs, some of our most respected physicians will work with patients who are admitted to Simi Valley Hospital.

2012 - Facey becomes affiliated with Providence Health & Services, new Mission Hills clinic opens as Facey's 21st Century flagship

Facey Medical Foundation and Facey Medical Group have established a strategic affiliation with Providence Health & Services Southern California to improve the health of the communities we serve by drawing from the long-standing strengths and similar missions of our organizations. Our affiliation is a natural progression that reflects a history of serving patients together for more than 50 years through Providence Holy Cross Medical Center and Facey clinics in the North San Fernando Valley. 

Providence Southern California is already a well developed health system comprised of 5 acute care hospitals, 25+ ambulatory care sites, 3 skilled nursing facilities, home care, hospice, Providence Medical Institute, and medical foundation serving 180 physicians in the South Bay area. Facey’s highly-respected, multispecialty medical group, also 180 physicians strong, brings a new dimension to Providence's capacity to serve patients and communities across the continuum of care from ambulatory to acute and post-acute services. The combined resources within the Providence-Facey affiliation give us a strong foundation to move forward with our goal of transforming the delivery of clinical care-a high priority across Facey and Providence. 

Dr. Jack Lynch retires in July 2012, after being part of the Facey family for over 49 years. For many years, he served as the Department Chair as well as Chief of Staff for Providence Holy Cross Hospital.

On September 4th, 2012, Facey Medical Group opened the doors of a new 124,000 square-foot multi-specialty medical office in Mission Hills. The office ushers a new era of care for the group almost exactly 89 years from when the group’s founder, Dr. Fredrick Facey, first opened his practice on Brand Boulevard in late August of 1923.

The new three-story office has space for up to 70 physicians. The office houses a AAAHC certified endoscopy center, optometry shop, oncology infusion center, women’s health center, an urgent care center, and much more. A pharmacy has also been opened onsite. The building also features an outdoor sculpture created by Santa Monica artist Lita Albuquerque.

The new Facey Mission Hills clinic is the group’s most technologically advanced and it was designed to care for both patients and the environment. It is the first medical office building in Los Angeles County over 100,000 square feet to be LEEDTM Gold Certified. Construction teams recycled over 90% of the previous building on the property and used only local plant species for the landscaping in order to conserve water. 

2013 - Facey extends its reach to Burbank

August 1st, 2013, we opened the doors of our first Facey clinic in Burbank! It was a temporary location while our permanent home was being prepared, but loaded with all the amenities, including two Family Medicine practitioners and a Pediatrician. Four months later on December 10, we moved into our sparkling 18,700 square-foot permanent office just up the street, large enough to support up to 11 additional doctors, as we grow. The design and layout of the office is very similar to the look of our offices in Mission Hills and Porter Ranch.

2014 - Facey continues to expand across Southern SFV with Tarzana OB/Gyn office

March 3rd, 2014, we moved our Ob/Gyn team from our Northridge office to a new Tarzana location, conveniently located across from the Providence Tarzana Medical Center, and welcomed Dr. Diana Wong to the Facey Women's care team.

2014 - A new Valencia Specialty & Women's Health Center

June 10th, 2014 - Facey Medical Group has opened a new modern health care center designed to make your visit to a Facey specialist easier than ever before, combining our Valencia II and III specialty offices into one central location, without leaving the block! Experience improved floor plans, a warm and comforting environment, and modern technology at our new Valencia Specialty & Women's Health Center. 

2014 - Facey Pediatrics office opens in Tarzana

On July 1, 2014, Facey Medical Group has opened a new Pediatrics office on the campus of Providence Tarzana Medical Center. This central and convenient location opened July 1st and features Facey pediatricians Dr. Jayvee Regala and Dr. Emily Swant.

2017 - Facey consolidates Tarzana teams in new multi-specialty office

On February 20, 2017, Facey Medical Group opened our new Tarzana office, combining our existing Ob-Gyn and Peds clinics, along with Internal Medicine and Laboratory & Radiology services. The new, larger facility provided room to grow and allowed us to expand our offerings in 2018 to include rheumatology.

2017 - Facey Northridge moves into a new home

Our Northridge office moved from the campus of Northridge Hospital to a newly redeveloped office at the former home of a Chase bank on Corbin Avenue. With a focus on convenient primary care, the new Facey Northridge office offers patients a warm and inviting atmosphere with modern amenities.

2018 - Facey Canyon Country team partners with Exer Urgent Care at brand new office

Together with our partner Exer More Than Urgent Care, Facey Medical Group expanded our services in the Canyon Country area of Santa Clarita with the opening of a brand new medical office at 14550 Soledad Canyon Road. Our new 37,000 sq. ft. clinic offers expanded radiology services (including ultrasound), a larger Facey Eye Center, and room to add new physicians as we grow. Exer opened a full-service urgent care center in January 2019, providing a new option for after-hours and weekend care to Facey patients and the entire Canyon Country community.

2023 - 100 years and counting

Facey celebrates a century of caring for the San Fernando Valley in August 2023 and reaffirms its commitment to the community with the announcement of a new urgent care clinic on the campus of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, slated to open in Fall 2023.