Physicians gathered at hospital

Sometimes, you or your loved one might need a longer observation or recovery period after a procedure before further decisions are made about your care. That’s why we added the clinical decision unit to our six-story River Pavilion. This specialized unit includes 23 private rooms. It’s designed for your comfort while your care team makes decisions about your treatment plan.

The clinical decision unit at Kadlec offers comprehensive care for patients in situations such as:

  • Emergency department patients that require additional tests needed for a diagnosis that will either result in hospital admission or discharging for home
  • Those recovering from cardiac catheterization procedures
  • People who need medical and surgical observations without admission to the hospital
  • Patients undergoing same-day surgery preparation and recovery

This unit is an innovative addition to our philosophy of comprehensive care. Our 23 private rooms feature specially-trained staff to care for patients as they stay for monitoring, testing, treatment or observation and await the results of their care provider’s clinical decisions.

The clinical decision unit features:

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Close proximity to the emergency department
  • Intensive treatment provided to help improve patient outcomes
  • A comfortable environment for those recovering from same-day surgery procedures

Families are welcome to visit their loved ones in Kadlec’s clinical decision unit.