Intraoperative MRI

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is home to the world’s most advanced operating suite for brain tumors. With intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI), surgeons can take high-resolution scans of the brain during surgery to see the exact location, size and shape of a tumor during surgery. The movable iMRI, which can be moved to the patient rather than having to move the patient to the machine, can instantly confirm how much of the tumor has been removed.

What makes Providence Brain and Spine Institute's iMRI suite better?
  • Most advanced operating suite exclusively designed and used for neurosurgery. All the equipment used during the procedure is optimized for use with the iMR including the coils, table and headgear, and state-of-the-art imaging and computer equipment.
  • More precise images. IMRIS Neuro can take higher resolution scans, plus the suite has a custom rotating operating table that allows for optimal patient positioning and access to provide the best possible scans. This means neurosurgeons can better see if a brain tumor has been completely removed and take action accordingly in real-time – reducing the likelihood that the patient will have to undergo more surgery.
  • Better patient experience. The patient is never moved during surgery. With IMRIS Neuro, the patient headgear and anesthesia equipment are unaltered throughout the process, saving 30 to 60 minutes of patient adjustments.
  • A top-notch team of neurosurgeons with experience in the latest procedures. The team at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is led by co-medical directors, Pankaj Gore, M.D., who has prior experience with intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) technology; and Daniel Rohrer, M.D., who has practiced neurosurgery in the Portland area since 1994.

With its specially constructed operating suite and iMRI equipment, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center will serve as a demonstration site for medical teams.