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Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center


Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center

Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is a comprehensive MS center that cares for more MS patients than any other facility in Oregon. We are also recognized as a partner in MS care by the National MS Society. Our philosophy of persistent, focused treatment helps patients minimize the impact of MS on their lives. We offer medication therapy, physical rehabilitation, wellness programs, clinical trials, support services and more to meet each patient’s needs and preferences.

Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is a leading participant in regional, national and international clinical trials as well as patient registries.

Learn more about our clinical trials.

Learn more about the Pacific Northwest MS Registry for residents of the northwest US living with MS and the National African Americans with MS Registry for Black and African American people living with MS.

Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center provides comprehensive care and support for patients with MS. Treatment plans for each patient are designed specifically to address that person’s needs and preferences. Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center cares for more MS patients than any other facility in Oregon and has been recognized by the National MS Society as a Partner in MS Care and a Comprehensive MS Center.

Centers for comprehensive MS care address the needs of those living with MS by coordinating multi-disciplinary care, from medical, psycho-social and rehabilitation services, to provide exceptional MS care. All centers must meet a rigorous set of standards and have a strong relationship with the society to deliver solutions to help you live your best life with MS. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team of experts includes neurologists, nurses, social workers, rehab experts, researchers, and other providers who collaborate to provide care for the whole person.

We offer:

  • Access to research and clinical trials that provide cutting-edge treatments and quality of life improvements (Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is currently engaged in over 30 clinical trials)
  • Conveniently located pharmacotherapy clinics with extended hours to accommodate patients’ schedules
  • A monthly support group for patients and families seeking physical, mental, and spiritual support
  • Integration with the Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society
  • Semi-annual patient newsletters with updates in MS care and tips for symptom management and general wellbeing
  • Frequent patient education and wellness programs, including research updates, MS 101 for newly diagnosed patients, and monthly MS Yoga classes
  • An experienced team of advocates who can assist with navigating insurance regulations and disability benefits

Medical director, Dr. Cohan, established the Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center in 2001 because he recognized the need to expand treatment programs for MS patients across the Northwest.

A word from Dr. Cohan: "We strive to provide the best care for every patient so that no one will be left without meaningful therapeutic weapons to fight their disease."

New patients seeking an appointment with Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center will require a referral from a physician and the submission of any pertinent medical records, which may include MRI imaging scans depending on the individual’s situation, prior to scheduling an appointment. The following forms and information are provided to assist in preparation for scheduling an appointment.

Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is experiencing a strong volume of patients and we are committed to scheduling appointments as soon as we can.

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