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Mother and Baby Clinic

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Fax: 541-386-1977
Fax: 541-386-1977
2267.2 miles away

Families often have questions and concerns about breastfeeding before and after their babies are born. All mothers, no matter where they delivered their babies, are welcome to make an appointment with our internationally board-certified lactation consultants.

Our lactation consultants are also nurses who have worked in maternity settings and are skilled and familiar with the questions and concerns families have. They evaluate babies for jaundice, feeding difficulties and weight gain. They also assess milk supply, breast/nipple pain and breastfeeding positioning. Our Mother and Baby Clinic is located within Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital.

Prenatal consultations

A private appointment before your baby is born can help you prepare for successful breastfeeding and solve potential problems before they occur. People who may benefit from a prenatal consultation include those who

  • Experience medical issues prenatally
  • Have questions about existing medications
  • Have had past breast surgeries

One to two days after leaving the hospital, you will be seen by a provider at Providence Mother and Baby Clinic. This important appointment provides:

  • Maternal assessment:
    • Nursing assessment of vital signs, including pain
    • Evaluation of delivery site to monitor healing
    • Examination of breast and nipple tissue, treatment as needed
    • Education and technical assistance for breastfeeding, breast pumping, bottle feeding and other supplementation
  • Infant assessment:
    • Assessment of weight
    • Review of pre-discharge bilirubin lab result and complete a visual jaundice inspection
    • Evaluation or development of feeding plan, check weight gain since discharge, and infant voiding
    • Observed feeding assessment, including pre- and post-feeding weight check
Newborn feeding consults

You and your baby can meet privately with a lactation consultant to address specific infant feeding questions. They explain techniques, develop a feeding plan for your baby, and provide hands-on assistance.

Lactation consults

You can get a consultation on a wide range of topics, including strategies for increasing milk supply, latch and positioning, optimal breast pumping techniques, and returning to work while breastfeeding.

Urgent/same day consults

Sometimes urgent issues arise and need to be addressed right away. If you have concerns about slow infant weight gain or weight loss, breast infections or recurrent pain during feedings, call us. Same-day appointments are often available.

Breast pumps

Parents often find it convenient to purchase breast pumps while at a breastfeeding consultation. Breast pumps are available for purchase onsite and direct billing to insurance is provided.


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