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at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Children’s Emergency Room

2328.5 miles away
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Children’s Emergency Room

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Whether it’s an accident or illness, a medical emergency is a confusing and distressing time for children and parents alike.  Conveniently located on the Portland’s Westside, when your infant, child or teen needs expert, compassionate care, we’re here to help.

At Providence St. Vincent Children’s Emergency Room, our team is here night and day, 365 days a year. We provide high-level care when things move fast, kids are scared, and families feel overwhelmed.  Our Children’s ER is equipped, staffed and designed specifically for newborns, children and teens. We have the technology and resources needed to assess your child’s condition and provide care while managing the unique physical and emotional needs of children and adolescents.

Our doctors are board certified in pediatric emergency medicine or emergency medicine, and are supported by pediatric specialists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, radiologists and child life specialists. Parents are part of our team because you know your child best. We listen to you and encourage you to share what’s worked well – or not so well – in the past. 

Exceptional clinicians work together – and in partnership with you – to ensure your child receives the very best, family-centered care. 

Seamless care in one location

If your child needs hospital care, they can get that here. We offer everything from routine primary care to emergency and hospital care in spaces that are designed for kids. We are ready and equipped when you need us, including:

    • Children’s surgery
    • Pediatric emergency medicine
    • Pediatric and neonatal intensive care
    • Pediatric specialists
    • Anesthesiology
    • Radiology and diagnostic imaging
    • Child life specialists
    • Adolescent behavioral health partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care

    And should your child need to be admitted to the hospital, it may give you peace of mind to know we have onsite rooms that are just for children and accommodate parents.

    Family Support Services

    At Providence, we do everything we can to make a visit to the children’s ER easier. We offer:

    • Free, drop-in childcare at My Little Waiting Room during open hours
    • Free parking
    • Interpreter services in multiple languages
    • On-campus pharmacy
    • Onsite imaging, including X-ray, MRI, CT and bedside ultrasounds
    • Special goggles let your child watch a movie to reduce stress and the need for sedation, if an MRI is needed
    • iPads, Nintendo DS players, hand-held DVD players along with a video library, books, games, etc.
    • Sensory-specific toys and a mobile sensory unit are available to help calm senses and allow children to experience sight, sound, smell and touch stimuli
    • Our commitment to making needles a little less painful and scary by using techniques, such as skin numbing, positioning your child for comfort, distraction, and – for infants – sucrose or breastfeeding
    • USB ports, televisions and lighting controls for personalized dimming capabilities in rooms
    • Separate family waiting area with games and interactive screens, such as:
      • Books and games
      • Hand-held DVD players, iPads and Nintendo DS players
      • Sensory-specific toys and a mobile sensory unit
      • Video library 

    We also provide food and beverage options, gift shops and Wi-Fi on site.

    Sometimes, it’s obvious when you need to go to the emergency room. Other times, it’s unclear if the ER is the right place to get care for your child. If you are unsure, call your child’s primary care provider first; they can help you make the best decision.

    Certain symptoms or injuries that pose a serious threat to your child’s health should be seen in the ER right away. They include:

    • Broken bones with deformity or severe pain
    • Confusion or unusual behavior
    • Difficulty speaking or breathing
    • Drug or alcohol overdoses
    • Eating, drinking or exposure to poison
    • Fevers associated with excessive sleepiness, difficulty breathing or a rash
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Seizures
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Vomiting and diarrhea with concern for dehydration
    • Wounds or cuts with severe bleeding

    Learn more about other care options, including video visits, walk-in/same-day visits, and immediate care.

    We continue to care for you and your child after your leave the ER. You can expect us to:

    • Call to check-in to make sure your child is doing better
    • Communicate with your child’s primary care provider and any specialists to coordinate their care

    You can use MyChart to access your child’s health care information and monitor their care. MyChart allows you to:

    • Email your child’s primary care provider
    • Make appointments
    • Pay bills
    • Request prescription refills
    • View lab results

    You can make sure your child receives emergency care right away, even when you can’t be with them.

    You can give formal consent by completing this emergency consent form.

    Leave a copy of the form with your babysitter, daycare provider or a temporary guardian. If an emergency occurs, your child’s caregiver can bring the form with them to the hospital.

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