Visitor Policy

Mission Hospital provides a family-centered friendly approach to care. We recognize how important it is to you to share your excitement and your newborn to family and friends. Our staff is committed to helping you build memories and protecting the health and safety of all of our babies.

All visitors will be required to receive an ID badge issued by our Security Officers at all hospital entrances before proceeding to the Maternity Center. During labor, one support person may stay with mom. A second support person may be present. Other visitors may wait in the Family Waiting Room. If desired, the second support person can be rotated between your visitors. As always, nursing will support mother’s request for no visitors if she desires. During a Cesarean Delivery and immediate recovery room, one support person will be welcomed to be with mom.

On the Mother-Baby Unit, grandparents, siblings and other family and friends are welcome. We encourage you to limit your visitors until you are home to allow for your rest, healing and time to get to know your baby.

Family Nap Time

We provide a family nap time every day from 3 to 5 p.m.

Our nursing staff is committed to providing you the rest and recovery you need in the hospital, which helps provide a healing and restful experience. Every day from 3 to 5 p.m., we provide you and your newborn and support person quiet time to rest. Unless there is a medical need or a special visitor request from mom, visitors will be asked to wait in the family waiting room during this precious family nap time.