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Surgery: Robotic and Minimally Invasive

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We combine a state-of-the-art surgical setting with specialty and sub-specialty trained surgeons who are passionate about improving patients’ lives. 

The result? We’ve earned national recognition for our exceptional outcomes in today’s most common surgeries—such as hernia repair and knee replacement—as well as highly specialized procedures. 

For complex surgeries, where outcomes are closely tied to the number of procedures performed, we offer patients the peace of mind that comes from having surgeons who are among the state’s most experienced. In fact, St. Jude has become a designated center of excellence in a remarkable range of surgical specialties in areas from orthopedics and cardiac surgery, to lung cancer and pancreatic surgery. 

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As our surgeons continue to advance the use of minimally-invasive surgical techniques, more of our patients go home the same day as surgery and enjoy the convenience and comfort offered by the St. Jude Outpatient Surgery Center located inside the St. Jude Medical Plaza. 

Robotic-assisted surgeries—which are further decreasing the invasiveness of surgery and accelerating recovery—as well as open surgeries are performed within one of the hospital’s 12 “smart” operating suites. These suites combine state-of-the-art imaging, visualization and surgical navigation technologies, along with advanced infection control and patient safety features. 

Most of our operating suites are dedicated to a specific surgical mission, such as a cutting-edge neurosurgical suite that offers high-resolution intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI). Our “hybrid” cardiovascular suite combines the diagnostic power of 4D imaging with both minimally-invasive interventional procedures and traditional open-surgery techniques, in the same procedure. This all-in one, diagnosis-to-treatment suite is allowing our cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeons to further improve outcomes and create new solutions for conditions once considered inoperable. 

St. Jude's world–class surgeons are dedicated to providing patients with the best surgical options available. Our surgical teams combine sophisticated technology, expertise and teamwork to successfully treat patients experiencing a wide variety of problems requiring surgery — from benign, routine conditions to complex cancers. Because St. Jude nurses are national leaders in earning advanced certifications and education, our surgical nurses bring a unique expertise to caring for patients from pre–op through recovery.

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