Community Benefit

In 1650, a small group of women went into their neighborhood to build relationships with the community, understand their needs, and, together with their neighbors, find solutions. These pioneers were the Sisters of St. Joseph – founders and leaders who guided St. Joseph Health and its ministries. Nearly 400 years later, that passion and tradition continues through our Community Benefit Program.

Each year, St. Jude Medical Center invests time and resources into local communities to increase access to health care for vulnerable populations and provide local residents with the support they need to make their neighborhoods healthier and safer.

Through the development and implementation of the key strategic elements of Community Health, Healthy Communities and Advocacy, we work to generate positive health outcomes, foster relationships and cooperation, and empower individuals to care for themselves and others.

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St. Jude Medical Center Community Benefit Reports

Summary of Community Benefit Services

Health services for the underserved

  • Charity care
  • Affiliation with St. Jude Neighborhood Health Centers
  • Indigent patient discharge needs
  • Services for low-income frail elderly

Move More, Eat Healthy initiative

  • Promoting policy, system and environmental change to reduce obesity in low-income neighborhoods

Behavioral Health initiative

  • Be Well, Orange County
  • Community care navigation
  • School-based mental health services