Each Mind Matters

Let’s Make it Safe to Talk About Mental Health

When it comes to health, our minds deserve the same attention as our bodies. Mental health is an integral part of each of us as humans.

That’s why St. Jude Medical Center is activating Each Mind Matters, California’s Mental Health Movement, in north Orange County.

Each Mind Matters unites us to talk openly and honestly about mental health. When we join together as a community and “Promise to Talk” about mental health, we open our hearts and minds to a new understanding of mental wellness for everyone.

Activities and Resources

In collaborating with Each Mind Matters, St. Jude Medical Center is encouraging us all to engage in safe conversations about mental health with family, friends and community members.

As part of outreach, St. Jude Medical Center will be visiting communities through local in-neighborhood visits, community event participation, and much more.

For more information about the campaign, how to get a conversation started, or about local mental health services and support, check out the resources below:

For campaign information, click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

For conversation starters to discuss mental health safely, click here.

For a directory of local mental health service resources, click here.

En Español:

Para más información de la campana, haga clic aqui.

Para preguntas frecuentes, haga clic aqui.

Para obtener consejos para iniciar una conversación sobre la salud mental, haga clic aqui.

Para obtener un directorio de recursos locales de servicios de salud mental, haga clic aqui.

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