"Cannot even count the ways St. Jude has helped me. All I know is since being here, I have been shown so much care and dignity and the services above and beyond. All of the nurses and all of the aides just go above and beyond taking care of patients. I discovered that I needed some additional assistance and help in my personal life. Their case managers jumped in with both feet. I'm very thankful for their help when they stepped into my rescue."

- Irene B.

"Last February I was under the care of nurses (Diane, Manjit, Karen) in the ICU for 2 nights, and then transferred to a room at the new addition of St. Jude (beautiful) for one day, again, staffed by wonderful nurses!

Just can't say enough about the excellent, swift and compassionate care I received during that time, also from doctors and therapists.

Also would like to give a shout-out to my family physician, Dr. Debra Gutierrez, who always will listen to me with much patience and concern.

I feel fortunate to have such caring and professional people around me."

- Josepha B.

"My first stay at St. Jude was in 1961. My children and four of my grandchildren were born at St. Jude. My mother and brother passed away there. When I enter the hospital to visit a loved one, I have a flood of memories. Some are joyous and some are sad, but I always have a feeling of wellbeing. A sense of belonging. My mind sees Father Smith walking the halls, former doctors of mine reassuring me everything will be OK. I suppose it sounds crazy to love a hospital, but I absolutely do love St. Jude. My family always received the best of care from the entire staff. That's why St. Jude is my hospital. God Bless you all."

- Jacquelyne S.

"My deceased husband and I have been with St. Joseph Health Care [now Providence] since it used to be known as Yorba Park Medical Group. In 2010, I was at St. Joseph, in a coma, and woke up on Valentine's Day to my late husband's delight. They saved my life! When I moved to Fullerton, I switched to St. Jude. It's the same quality of care, run by the same organization. I'll never leave the St. Joseph/St. Jude team of medical professionals. Thank you St. Joseph/St. Jude for being there when I needed you."

- Robin Carlson

"My story is, that my family and I LOVE, LOVE, absolutely LOVE our doctor. Dr. Leo Garcia is the reason we are patients there. We hope he never leaves. We are also very satisfied with the facilities of St. Jude Hospital."

- Betty L.


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