Community Programs

Health services for the underserved

More than 10 percent of adults in North Orange County lack medical insurance and 34 percent lack dental insurance. The percentage is significantly higher in low income communities.

Over the past 25 years, St. Jude Medical Center has responded to this need by developing a mobile health clinic program in 1988, a children's dental clinic in 1999 and the St. Jude Neighborhood Health Center in 2006. In an effort to expand and sustain services, the medical center established a separate independent 501(c)(3) corporation in 2011 with the goal of being designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). This designation was achieved in November 2013. The medical center now has an affiliation agreement with the clinic and provides over $2.1 million annually to subsidize the needs of the uninsured at the clinic and over $7 million in charity care at the medical center.

Current locations and services provided by St. Jude Neighborhood Health Centers:

St. Jude Neighborhood Health Center 

731 S. Highland Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832 
For appointments please call 714-446-5100

  • We accept uninsured, CalOptima, MediCal, DentiCal, MSN patients and provide a sliding fee schedule
  • Services include: medical, dental, prenatal, mental health and health education for adults and children

Mobile Health Clinic 

Call 714-446-5100 for schedule or appointments.

  • Currently serving the Placentia community
  • Services include: adult medical, prenatal and pediatrics

St. Jude Children's Dental Clinic 

Partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park
7758 Knott Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620

  • We accept uninsured and DentiCal patients
  • Services include: Preventive and restorative dentistry for children ages 0-18

Topaz Clinic 

3232 Topaz Lane, Fullerton, CA 92831 

  • Services include: Pediatrics

Adults and children with dangerously high blood pressure. Kids unable to run more than a few feet. Depression. These are some of the effects of the obesity epidemic among Americans. In fact, one out of three kids and 60 percent of adults are now considered overweight or obese.

Physicians are seeing an alarming rise in Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and "non-alcoholic" fatty liver disease. Obesity puts every major organ at risk.

To help reverse the trend, St. Jude Medical Center is sponsoring a series of initiatives designed to combat obesity. These initiatives are focused on improving nutrition, enhancing physical activity and supporting healthy lifestyle policies in low income neighborhoods of North Orange County.

Some of the activities we are involved with include:

  • The Lunchtime Exercise Action Program coordinates a moderate to vigorous physical activity program they offer to students during their lunch break.
  • Participation in School District Wellness Councils provides an opportunity to enhance school-based policies and programs.
  • Providing leadership and support to city collaborations who wish to develop obesity prevention plans.
  • Working with cities to incorporate health language as they update their general plans and assist them in implementing Healthy Eating Active Living Resolutions.
  • Supporting campaigns such as Move More Eat Healthy Orange County and Move More Eat Healthy La Habra.
  • Working with pre-schools on policies to support healthy lifestyle issues.
  • Advocating for an active transportation vision in Orange County.
  • Providing support for outdoor fitness equipment and community gardens.

It is through education, improved physical activity and nutrition programs and advocating for healthy lifestyle policies with many community partners that should help reverse the increasing trend of childhood overweight and obesity.

For more information about the Healthy Weight Initiatives, please call 714-446-7086.

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Let’s make it safe to talk about mental health

When it comes to health, our minds deserve the same attention as our bodies. Mental health is an integral part of each of us as humans.

That’s why St. Jude Medical Center is activating Each Mind Matters, California’s Mental Health Movement, in north Orange County.

Each Mind Matters unites us to talk openly and honestly about mental health. When we join together as a community and “Promise to Talk” about mental health, we open our hearts and minds to a new understanding of mental wellness for everyone.

Activities and resources

In collaborating with Each Mind Matters, St. Jude Medical Center is encouraging us all to engage in safe conversations about mental health with family, friends and community members.

As part of outreach, St. Jude Medical Center will be visiting communities through local in-neighborhood visits, community event participation, and much more. For more information about the campaign, how to get a conversation started, or about local mental health services and support, check out the resources below:

En Español:

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The Family Caregiver Resource Center is a trusted partner for Orange County families, who are coping with the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of caregiving. By providing families with individualized supportive services, the Family Caregiver Resource Center stands apart as the only Orange County agency focusing exclusively on the needs of caregivers, who are coping with a loved one's chronic illness. The Family Caregiver Resource Center provides family consultation, support groups, assessment and care planning, counseling, respite planning and community education.

Since 1988, the Family Caregiver Resource Center has assisted thousands of families who care for an adult with a brain-impairing condition such as Alzheimer's, stroke, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, head injury, or Huntington's disease, or for someone who is over the age of 60 and requires daily assistance. The Family Caregiver Resource Center works collaboratively in the community with other service providers and community partners in the aging and disability network.

Services are free. For more information, call 800-543-8312 or 714-446-5030 or go to our website:

St. Jude Medical Center offers special programs through our Senior Services, which address the unique needs of older adults and their families in Southern California. Our mission is to help low income seniors stay healthy, independent and active by providing comprehensive programs and access to services. Senior Services provide transportation, dedicated post-treatment counselors, in-home safety, depression avoidance and treatment resources, grief counseling. Our Medicare Insurance Plan Specialist can give free information on all your questions.

For more information on any of our Senior Services, please call 714-446-7035.

Advance care planning: Your wishes for medical care

Talking with your family, friends and your physician about your wishes for medical care at the end of your life is called advance care planning. It's a way for you, your loved ones and your physician to discuss the kinds of care you want and don't want at that time. You can also specify the care you would want if you become unable to speak or make decisions for yourself, due to a coma or other medical condition. When you write down your wishes, this kind of plan is called an advance directive. We encourage all patients to complete an Advanced Care Directive before being admitted and bringing it with you so we may honor your wishes for care.

The best time to start the conversation about the kind of care you’d want if you were in an accident or became seriously ill is now. Let us help you think about the care you’d want, talk to your loved ones about your decisions, choose your advocate and complete an advance directive.

Visit the Institute for Human Caring for more information.

Free Advance Care Planning classes are held at St. Jude Heritage Medical Group offices and in the community. Please call 714-446-7035 for more information, resources or assistance.

Caregiver resource center

The Caregiver Resource Center (CRC) is the only Orange County agency that partners with families who are caring for an adult family member. The CRC is focused specifically on the needs of caregivers who are coping with a loved one's chronic condition and has supported thousands of caregivers since 1988. They offer counseling, support groups, classes and other services to caregivers. For more information, please call 800-543-8312 or 714-446-5030.

Depression solutions

Seniors who live alone are particularly at risk for depression. St. Jude’s Late Life Depression Solutions program provides an in-home depression assessment, care management and short-term counseling with a licensed clinician. St. Jude can also provide connections to additional community resources to combat depression in older adults. A free senior depression support group meets every Monday from 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. at 130 W. Bastanchury Rd. Learn strategies to combat depression and anxiety, acquire personalized coping skills and develop tools to strengthen your resilience. For more information, please call 714-446-7035.

Driver assessment program

Driving provides independence and mobility. For many, it is one of the most important activities of adult daily life. To help individuals enjoy the sense of freedom and security with being a safe driver, St. Jude Medical Center has designed an innovative program to address the unique needs of seniors and others who have driving concerns. Our occupational therapists, specially trained in driver rehabilitation, conduct the physician prescribed nearly three-hour assessment, which includes clinical visual and perceptual screening as well as reaction-time testing in a state-of-the-art simulator and dual controlled car. For more information, please call 714-578-8706 ext. 2327.

Fail risk reduction program

To help reduce the risk of falls and enable low income seniors to stay in their own homes longer, St. Jude offers free in-home safety assessments and provides referrals for needed resources such as home repairs and handyman services.

Grief recovery support group

St. Jude sponsors a support group called “Healing Hearts After Loss.” This grief recovery support group is for anyone who is working through the pain of loss of a loved one. The group meets every Thursday, from 1:30 - 3 p.m. at 130 W. Bastanchury Rd. For more information, please call 877-459-3627.

Healthy living with a chronic condition education and support group

Meets monthly on the second Friday from at 10 a.m. at St. Jude Community Services (130 W. Bastanchury Rd., Fullerton) and focuses on health education, maintaining and using skills you’ve learned and staying healthy for today and tomorrow. Please contact Senior Services at: 714-446-7035 for more information.

Home visits and caring neighbors

The free Caring Neighbors program supports low income seniors with friendly home visits and phone calls. Home visits for seniors can also provide help with errands, light housekeeping and exercise. With this support and by staying connected with others, seniors can avoid premature placement into out-of-home care or nursing facilities.

In-home support

The free Care Navigation Program helps seniors return to life at home after a hospital stay. A dedicated hospital staff member known as a “Care Navigator” will stay in touch with the patient for one to two months after their release from the hospital, to assist in the transition. The program includes a number of free services, such as:

  • Medication check and review by a registered nurse
  • Non-emergency medical transportation
  • Review and follow-up on the patient’s discharge plan
  • Assistance scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Home safety/falls risk assessments
  • Connections with various community resources

Parkinson’s Disease education and support group

Meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 4 - 5:30 p.m. at the St. Jude Community Services (130 W. Bastanchury Rd., Fullerton) to provide education, resources, information and support to patients and families alike. For more information, please contact 714-904-2249.

Senior insurance counseling

Our Senior Insurance Specialist provides free information on the various aspects of Medicare, including:

  • Medicare Benefits (Part A & B)
  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Medicare Prescription Plan (Part D)
  • To schedule an appointment with the Senior Insurance Specialist, call 714-446-7154.

Senior resources 101 class

Please join us for a free one-hour class every 4th Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. At 130 W. Bastanchury Rd. The class helps you connect with resources for understanding legal documents and procedures, managing in-home care, insurance concerns and community resources and services. To register, please call 714-446-7035.

Senior resource guide

Caregiving descends upon us in all sorts of ways-through sudden crises or a series of small but unsettling mishaps and warning signs. You may be the only person to step in or you may simply be the linchpin of a large network of family members and friends willing to help. Whatever the situation, you may not be sure of the next step. Or even the first step. Whether you are in the middle of a crisis and decisions have to be made quickly or planning ahead for an elderly loved one because of unsettling warning signs, the following questions, suggestions and information may be helpful in a variety of ways. Download the 2018-2019 Senior Resource Guide.

Senior transportation

St. Jude provides resources for transportation services to patients who are unable to drive to doctor appointments and therapy sessions. The focus is on low-income elderly as a bridge to OCTA Access program. Please call 714-446-7064 for more information. There are some limitations on distance and availability.

Stroke support and education group

Meets the First and Third Monday of every month from 1:30 - 3 p.m. at St. Jude Community Services Building 130 W. Bastanchury Rd. Fullerton, CA 92835. Please call 877-459-3627.

Wellness and fitness

Chronic health conditions or concerns about injury or falls can be discouraging not only to your fitness, but to your daily activities. Exercise can help you manage the symptoms of illness and pain and even reverse some of those pesky conditions that develop as we get older. It's about finding and adding activities you enjoy to your daily routine, even in small ways. We offer classes related to balance, walking, senior yoga, Zumba Gold, Silver Sneakers, endurance and strength building. For more information, please call 714-578-8770 or click here.


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