Weight Management Program

The Weight Management Program at Providence Community Wellness was designed to provide you with the right balance of structure and flexibility to meet your weight loss goals. This plan includes detailed food lists, portion sizes, recipe options, and parameters for choosing premade meals. This takes much of the guesswork out of eating for weight loss and eliminates the need for cumbersome calorie counting and nutrient tracking.

How it works:

In this program, you will eat three meals and two snacks per day. To meet your nutritional needs and achieve the health improvements you are seeking while losing weight, you will need to eat a balance of protein, starches or fruits, and healthy fats at each meal. You have three options for each meal:

  1. Create your own meal using our meal guidelines.
  2. Make one of the included recipes.
  3. Choose a frozen or premade meal that meets our guidelines.

Upon registering for the program, you will meet 1-on-1 with one of our health coaches who will go over the plan with you, discuss how to tailor the plan to fit your preferences, and troubleshoot potential challenges. We will also talk with you about options for ongoing support and accountability and how to enroll.

Support and accountability:

This program offers four levels of support to help you lose weight and keep it off. Options include:

  • Weekly group coaching
  • Weekly individual coaching
  • Digital resources only
  • Additional 1-on-1 consults, as needed

Learn more:

To learn more, watch our free Weight Management Information Session.