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Health for a better world is a calling for St. Joseph Health caregivers to serve our communities every day, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. To best serve those in need, we take time to reflect on the past year, evaluate how the world has changed and plan for the future. 

Our commitment is reflected in our community-focused partnerships because no one organization or entity alone can solve our most pressing challenges. In 2019, St. Joseph Health, Northern California invested more than $65 million across the region, focusing on programs and partnerships that exemplify our core values of compassion, justice, excellence, dignity and integrity. 

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    The belief that health is a human right means that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. Our investments aim to target the root causes of systemic issues such as inequality, resource allocation and health care access.  With every investment we make and every partnership we cultivate, we use data collected from our community health needs assessment to prioritize high-need populations. This past year, we focused on supporting community programs that addressed:

    • Stigma reduction around substance use disorders 
    • Holistic behavioral health and mindfulness education for youth
    • Housing instability and homelessness 

    Through meaningful collaboration and shared goals, St. Joseph Health is supporting organizations across all sectors that understand our community’s needs. Some of the inspiring ways our investments are working in our community include:

    • Shifting programs to address a burgeoning need 
      The community health needs assessment identified behavioral health issues among younger populations as a growing challenge. By reimagining an existing program focused on wellness through physical activity and education in Sonoma County, St. Joseph Health engaged local public health and education partners to address a critically important issue.
    • Training and education for prenatal care providers 
      Through our CARE (Care management, Advocacy, Resource and referral and Education) Network in Humboldt County, caregivers are helping pregnant patients suffering from substance use disorders get screening, treatment, and providing much-needed case management services.
    • Serving the poor and vulnerable through community-based care management
      Napa’s CARE Network has been helping residents for years to ensure their basic needs—such as food, shelter and clothing—are met. In 2019, the CARE Network added a specialized mental health team to meet the needs of patients with mental health conditions that prevent them from addressing critical or life-threatening health issues. 

      We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our Northern California region and communities and believe that connections with local partners enable us to continue to serve those in need. I encourage you to learn more about the work St. Joseph Health is doing to support Northern Californians in their pursuit of a healthy life. 

    - Kevin Klockenga, regional chief executive of St. Joseph Health, Northern California 


Northern California

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Northern California

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