We conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment to better inform our community investment priorities. Findings from our 2019 assessment placed homelessness and mental health as the top two health concerns in our region. Equipped with that information, Swedish strengthened key partnerships that can make the greatest impact, addressing these two issues. In 2019, we invested $228 million in community benefit to improve and promote health.

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    Some of the ways our investments are working directly in our community include:

    • Providing permanent, supportive housing to people who have experienced homelessness through Plymouth Housing, a Seattle-based not-for-profit organization that believes housing security and health are intricately linked.
    • Finding unique spaces, like the new Museum of Museums on the Swedish First Hill campus, for our patients to incorporate local art in their healing process or mental health care.
    • Investing in our own caregivers’ mental health by eliminating barriers to access through our Behavioral Health Concierge program, which offers caregivers and their families access to mental health professionals.

    I encourage you to learn more about how we are working to improve the overall health and well-being of our patients, our caregivers and our community.

    It is a privilege to provide health care to the Puget Sound region and beyond, and we look forward to serving our community for decades to come.

    - Dr. R. Guy Hudson, M.D., MBA, chief executive officer of Swedish Health Services


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