Our Legacy

At the heart of the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund lies the desire to care for the dear neighbor without distinction, especially the economically poor and vulnerable. That is what inspired the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to establish a foundation in 1986 that continues to thrive today as the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund. The Sisters knew then – which is still clear today – that everyone must be healthy for a society to truly thrive, not just the economically privileged. 

The hope and vision for the Fund’s future is to remain faithful to that original ethos, even as the health care needs of our communities change and priorities shift toward addressing more complex social determinants of health. 

We carry forward the Fund’s legacy through systemic change at the community level. The Fund’s commitment to develop community leaders and stabilize local structures, policies and programs ties directly back to the original vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.  

We are proud that the Fund serves as the bridge between the legacy of the Sisters and the future of Providence as a health system committed to equity and justice.