Housing and Homelessness

Safe and affordable housing is vital to the health of individuals, families, and communities. The Fund supports diverse initiatives that aim to better understand the root causes of homelessness and housing insecurity and to identify effective strategies for preventing homelessness and its devastating impact. 

Historically, the Fund has supported emergency food and shelter initiatives in partnership with local nonprofits that deliver services directly to those experiencing homelessness. Through this work we saw a need for longer-term solutions and comprehensive prevention strategies, so we are making a shift. 

Moving forward, our focus is to support investments with a broader geographic footprint and those that engage a larger community of partners. We are convening discussions on the impact of homelessness on the broader community to help find creative and sustainable solutions. In partnership with local leaders, we are identifying and advocating for public policy that prioritizes prevention and early interventions. We believe that safe, affordable housing should be equitable and just.

Housing Is Health