How We Operationalize Equity

The communities in which we partner have dedicated local leaders who are working to address pressing local concerns. They know their community best. We play the role of convener by bringing together representatives across various sectors to ensure everyone is working together. This helps provide the community with the resources and information needed to meet challenges now and in the future.

With this goal in mind, our work in the four priority areas – housing, education, disaster response and preparedness, and nonprofit and community capacity building – addresses both immediate crises and longer-term strategy. Short-term assistance can help slow or mitigate a crisis and long-term investments help position organizations to address future needs effectively, long after our investments are made. 

For example, by supporting the development of leadership skills among residents and community leaders in the short-term, we will begin to see local efforts take shape to advocate for public policy that improves the health of our communities, especially for those furthest from justice. 

The Fund’s investments strive to get important work done quickly while thoughtfully building strong community partnerships and long-term capacity. That is how we work toward achieving equity.