Global and Domestic Engagement

Global and Domestic Engagement

"Our caregivers share a recognition that we are all responsible for our neighbors and that by serving others -  especially those who are in a vulnerable place - we heal & enrich our own lives."

- Rod Hochman, President & CEO of Providence 

Since March 2020, the Global & Domestic Engagement team has transitioned work streams to provide financial and direct service support to community partners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has led the assembly and donation of comfort, hygiene and protective equipment to community partners in our local service areas. The team continues to provide strategic financial support to international partners and stand in solidarity with our Dear Neighbor at home and beyond borders.

Local Volunteerism

Locally, our teams have focused on assistance with housing for those experiencing homelessness, immigrants and refugees, education, and other community needs. Additionally, we partner with those who provide environmental disaster relief as well as human trafficking intervention.

By extending our care as volunteers, we can help extend the reach of our not-for-profit partners and create healthier communities, together. Our efforts are based on evidence of community need, resulting from and aligning with the findings from our Providence Community Health Needs Assessment reports.

To find a local volunteer opportunity, please visit our Volunteers in Partnership Portal (VIP).

Volunteers in Partnership Portal


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Global Programs

Internationally, Global Partnerships' work has extended to Mexico, Guatemala, and most recently to Malawi.

By using a community-focused approach in specific international areas, and working with our international health partner organizations within those communities, we are able to provide measurable impact over an extended period of time where the needs are greatest. Learn more about our global partners:

Mexico Partnership

Guatemala Partnership


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Medical Supply Donation & Recovery

Addressing both the waste of medical supplies in the U.S. and the need in economically developing countries, Providence manages a medical supply warehouse in Lacey, Washington. Medical supplies and equipment are recovered and shipped to economically developing countries to help people get the health care services they desperately need.

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