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About the Guatemala Partnership

Providence’s Mission is rooted in a deep tradition of reaching beyond our borders to serve those in need. With 32 hospitals and more than 300 clinics, we have the talents and resources to make a substantial impact internationally and, in return, the experience is transformative for volunteers.

Along with our global health partners, Faith In Practice and Medical Teams International, here’s how we are helping in Guatemala.

Public Health Service Trips

Clean burning stoves, sanitary latrines and clean water – our volunteers take on infrastructure development projects that get right to the root causes of serious health risks for adults and children in Guatemala.

Medical Relief

Our skilled clinicians provide medical relief through surgical teams and village outreach teams to Guatemalans that would otherwise go without the life-changing medical treatment they need.

Educational Exchanges

These learning opportunities allow Guatemalan students to intern at one of our state-of-the-art health care facilities while our medical providers get the chance to apply their skills in service internationally.

Cross-Cultural Learning

Our volunteers and the Guatemalan communities they serve will have life-changing experiences. Both will grow and learn from each other, and will find ways they can bring this knowledge back home with them

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Apply for a Service Trip

Volunteer requirements:

  • Must be a Providence caregiver
  • $1000 trip contribution
  • Use PTO (paid time off)
  • Fundraise for Faith in Practice or Medical Teams International
  • Moderate-high physical fitness
  • Most volunteer roles require a clinical specialty for Faith in Practice
  • Participate in pre-trip Microsoft Teams orientations and post-trip debrief

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