Medical Supplies

Each year, U.S. health care facilities throw away thousands of tons of unused or recyclable medical products and equipment. Providence is helping to turn a problem of waste versus need into a solution of health care resources for economically developing countries.

Where do donations go?

Each year the Providence medical supply warehouse recovers and donates about 20 tons of supplies to more than 25 countries in need. Learn more about where we serve.

How you can help

We want to establish ongoing donation partnerships with hospitals, health care facilities, physician practices and manufacturers. To start an effective collection and recycling program, think about:

  • Actively collecting new, like-new, and other serviceable products
  • Donating serviceable equipment rather than scrapping it
  • Spreading the word of our program to staff, colleagues and vendors
  • Volunteering to help sort, package or load products for shipment

Donors interested in providing medical products and equipment, whether as a one-time donation or an ongoing basis, can download this list of acceptable items.

For more information, send us an email.

Need supplies?

If you are a medical provider requesting a donation for an upcoming service trip, apply here.

If you are a health organization in a developing country please send us an email to apply for medical supplies.