Our Commitment to Environmental Transformation

Healthcare is a significant polluter – it is the second highest user of energy in the service sector and emits 10% of the nation’s greenhouse gases. As the third largest health care non-profit organization in the U.S., we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to be a good role model in our industry. A direction that includes operating with environmentally safe processes and practices.

Our Providence vision is “Health for a Better World.” One of the biggest challenges our world has ever faced is the threat of climate change. To do our part, we commit to:

Carbon Negative by 2030

To meet this goal, we will focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, waste reduction and segregation, reducing business travel, supporting employee commuting, purchasing local and sustainable foods, and choosing safer products in our supply chain. We will also invest in our communities to build resilience and advocate for environmentally just policies. We will engage caregivers and community members in this effort.

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