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Providence Alaska Children's Hospital

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Providence Alaska Children's Hospital

In 1998 the Children's Hospital at Providence opened a newly remodeled pediatric center, sub-specialty clinic, Newborn Intensive Care Unit and maternity center to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment for Alaska's newborns, children and their families.

Our family-centered care model provides the highest quality health service in a family-friendly environment that reduces stress and involves parents in every step of care.

Family-Centered Care

In an effort to reduce stress to the infant, child and family, the children's hospital adopted the philosophy and principles of family-centered care.

This philosophy supports families in the care-giving role by building on their unique strengths and viewing parents and professionals as equals by:

  • Recognizing and respecting the pivotal role of family in the life of the child
  • Exchanging unbiased and complete information to make decisions that are best for the child
  • Incorporating cultural diversity into policy and practice
  • Encouraging family-to-family support

In addition, the children's hospital provides access to a safe and secure online resource that allows families to keep others updated of the condition of their loved one. Free Internet access in both the pediatric center and the Newborn Intensive Care Unit helps families cope with the challenges and stress of hospitalization.

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We offer a full spectrum of classes and programs to help support patients:

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Providence Alaska Foundation strives to promote a healthy community by raising funds for programs, projects, initiatives, and issues that address the health needs of Alaskans.

Join us in the work of finding amazing ways to touch lives. Your efforts are strengthened in partnership with Providence to maximize your reach and impact.

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The Children's Hospital is designated units on the main Providence Alaska Medical Center Campus which is on 36th Ave.

The Children's Hospital at Providence includes the following units: OB Triage, prenatal, labor/delivery, mother baby unit, newborn intensive care unit, pediatrics, pediatric intensive care, subspecialty clinics, pediatric therapies, WIC, and Alaska C.A.R.E.S.

We are what is known as a hospital within a hospital and operate under joint governance with Providence Hospital. The importance of doing this is to have a focused administrative plan for expansion of services. In addition, we have our own Board that supports and mandates a special care delivery called - family-centered care. In addition, as a hospital within a hospital, we may develop programs that are independent and much more intensive than the rest of the hospital due to the complexity of patient and family needs.

A philosophy that recognizes and respects the pivotal role of the family in the lives of children, it strives to support families in the care-giving role by building on their unique strengths and viewing parents and professionals as equals.

In an effort to reduce stress to the infant, child, and family, the Children's Hospital adopted the philosophy and principles of family-centered care:

  • Recognize and respect the pivotal role of family in the life of the child
  • Exchange unbiased and complete information to make the best decisions
  • Incorporate cultural diversity into policy and practice
  • Encourage family to family support

The Children's Miracle Network is part of the Providence Alaska Foundation. It provides support and resources to families who cannot afford services; purchase specialized equipment that the hospital is not able to afford; and supports special programs that help families deal with the needs of sick or injured children.

The Children's Hospital at Providence is always looking for resources to delivery the extra special touch for kids who are sick. If you are interested in a special project, making a dontation, or sharing your time, we encourage you to read more on Getting involved page.

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