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Alaska CARES

3338.8 miles away
1-800-478-4444 (24-hour on-call: Office of Children's Services)
Care available 24 hours

Alaska CARES

Care available 24 hours
1-800-478-4444 (24-hour on-call: Office of Children's Services)
3338.8 miles away

Alaska CARES is a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) that conducts child abuse response and evaluation services. 

An accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance, Alaska CARES is a comprehensive child-centered program that allows law enforcement, child protection workers, prosecutors, medical and mental health practitioners, and victim advocates to work together to investigate reports of child abuse. 

The overarching goal of Alaska CARES and all CAC’s is to make sure children are not further victimized by systems designed to protect them.

Alaska CARES provides a safe, supportive environment for children who may have suffered sexual or physical abuse, neglect or violence. Our interview and exam rooms are child friendly. Forensic Interviews are conducted in an objective, yet sensitive manner by interviewers who have been specially trained in developmentally appropriate techniques. Our medical providers use special equipment during a head-to-toe check-up that allows them to obtain detailed information in a noninvasive manner.

Family Care Coordinators and Advocates assist families through this crisis period and help families begin the healing process. Mental health providers provide on-going therapy support for children and families to assist with their journey.

Alaska has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the nation. Be aware of these key signs that a child might be experiencing trauma, abuse or neglect:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Fears of people or places
  • Exposure to domestic violence

If a child tells you that he or she is being abused or neglected, take it seriously. Report your concerns.

When does a child need immediate help?

If a child is being abused, or if you suspect abuse, the child may need protection and medical attention right away. A child should be seen right away if the answer to any of the following questions is yes.

  • Has the abusive incident taken place within the past 72 hours?
  • Is the child in the home with the alleged abuser? Are other children in the home?
  • Does the child have current physical signs or symptoms of abuse or neglect?
  • Does the child need immediate medical attention?

Call 1-800-478-4444 to make a report to OCS or dial 911.

At Alaska CARES, the child’s care team may include:

  • Medical Providers
  • Family Care Coordinators
  • Advocates with Southcentral Foundation
  • Social workers with OCS
  • Detectives with APD
  • Investigators with AST
  • Mental Health Professionals

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