Patients and Parent Information

The Children's Hospital is located inside the Providence Alaska Medical Center. Being a hospital within a hospital has many advantages. The Children’s Hospital has a focused administrative plan for expansion of services, our own Board that supports and mandates family-centered care, and programs that are specific to meet the complex needs of pediatric patients.

Family-centered care encourages participation, communication and collaboration between providers, patients and their families in order to deliver the best care possible. Practicing family-centered care is one way we hope to reduce the stress that you, your baby, child or family might feel. We want both our primary patient and your whole family to be healthy and feel supported.t strives to support families in the caregiving role by building on their unique strengths and viewing parents and professionals as equals.

  • In an effort to reduce stress to the infant, child and family, the Children's Hospital adopted the philosophy and principles of family-centered care:
  • Recognize and respect the pivotal role of family in the life of the child
  • Exchange unbiased and complete information to make the best decisions
  • Incorporate cultural diversity into policy and practice
  • Encourage family to family support

We offer short-term outpatient care for emotional issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Services include assessment, treatment or help with mood, anxiety, relationship and social issues, trauma, adjustment, grief and stress. A licensed professional counselor, housed in our Maternity Center, will be available to support you and your family as you deal with challenges of a difficult pregnancy, birth, loss, diagnosis or chronic condition.

Referrals for further mental health services will be provided if needed. Please call 907-212-4940 to schedule an appointment.

One of the oldest parent support programs in the country, Parents for Parents was founded by a group of mothers who were invited to define and develop a parent support network.

The program started by offering a parent matching service. Parents with babies admitted to the NICU were able to talk to mothers with similar backgrounds. Eventually, parents gained support from key leaders to approach the bedside without being called upon for a specific match. The supportive parent volunteer at the bedside demonstrated the first real example of family-centered care in practice.

Parent volunteers help families heal from their experience in the NICU, pediatric center, and the Children's Cancer Center. They serve as a voice in staff meetings, program developments, and on administrative boards. Volunteers meet quarterly and host a variety of events and activities.

An application, training, meetings, and supervised placement are the requirements for becoming a volunteer. Opportunities are available for volunteers who are not able to participate in bedside support.

For more information call 907-212-5895.

The Children's hospital offers many opportunities to get involved. Some work from their home, sewing beautiful blankets for children to cuddle in. Card stampers share their talent by creating cards that offers a personal touch. Others come to the hospital to read stories or play games and scouts have been instrumental in collecting materials for the Family Resource Library.

Many parents and children who were patients at the Children's Hospital come back and help. Childhood cancer survivors help with the CMN telethon. NICU parent's come back and offer support to families with babies currently in the hospital. Some parents choose to participate on the Board level, to help improve program offerings.

We welcome all interests and groups. Several organized programs include:

Parents for Parents

Screened and trained volunteers provide support to families in the NICU and are cross-trained to continue to offer support to families in pediatrics, PICU, and the Children's Cancer Center. Call 907-212-5895 for more information.


Volunteers may read stories to children whose family lives in the Bush, collate educational materials, research community resources, or develop supportive programs that enhance the services offered by the Children’s Hospital. Volunteers will receive training, orientation, and support from staff as they grow in job responsibilities. Contact Volunteer services at 907-212-3100.

Home-Based Artist or Crafter

We are always in need of artists who will help with events, create blankets and quilts, or coordinate special projects. Please call 907-212-5895 for more information.


Donations are accepted by both the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and for the Providence Alaska Foundation. Call the Foundation and CMN office at 907-212-8587.