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At Providence, we know that preparing for a successful delivery begins long before you feel your baby’s first kick. We care for moms and babies throughout pregnancy and offer high-level services for a healthy and happy delivery day.

Our labor and delivery specialists are part of an integrated maternity care team at Providence Alaska Children's Hospital. You’re assured of advanced, attentive care for moms and babies.

Although it’s rare, some mothers or babies need extra medical attention for certain conditions. Specialists in our high-risk prenatal unit and nationally recognized Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are ready to help. We offer round-the-clock services, plus full support for families.

Providence care providers ensure that you and your baby are in the best of health during your pregnancy. We help you deliver your baby safely, with all the support you need. You’ll learn what to expect and know, including labor signs and stages, ways to manage pain and how to prepare for delivery.

We work closely with your doctor or midwife, offering evaluation, education about prenatal nutrition and care, wellness checks, prenatal imaging and testing and more.

Your providers will talk about an individualized birth plan, which covers details ranging from anesthesia preferences and labor support partners through early bonding and newborn care. Providence offers varied classes and specialist-guided support groups where you and your family can learn more.

During your pregnancy, we give you a guided tour of the maternity center so you’ll feel at home on delivery day. We offer Alaska’s highest available level of maternity care in spacious, well-appointed and comforting rooms.

At Providence, you always have ready access to multi-specialty teams to manage conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and anemia.

Maternity center rooms

When you give birth at Providence you’ll have comfortable accommodations to prepare, deliver and enjoy getting to know your newborn. Your care team will help ensure that you fully understand and are at ease with delivery procedures and processes. Tour the maternity center rooms!

Our maternity center rooms include:

  • Private bathroom and shower
  • Comfortable couch that converts to a guest bed
  • Cable TV, DVD player and free Wi-Fi
  • In-room refrigerator
  • Scenic view from most rooms
Labor and delivery

During labor and delivery, you’ll receive complete medical services and support, including:

  • Delivery preparation by skilled nurses who’ll answer questions, monitor contractions and talk with you about labor processes and birthing procedures
  • Pain-management as discussed in your birth plan and guided by you
  • Support and guidance throughout the delivery process from your doctor or midwife and anesthesiologist or other specialists and care providers
  • Medical facilities and surgical specialists to assist with a cesarean delivery or other medical care if needed
  • An opportunity to bond skin-to-skin with your newborn
  • Breastfeeding assistance and support from specially trained nurses and lactation consultants
  • Medical evaluation and wellness care for your newborn
Prenatal services

At Providence, our maternity specialists provide prenatal services from diagnostic testing to hospitalization and pregnancy bed-rest arrangements if needed for medical conditions, with close care from specially trained nurses.

Advanced care is readily available for you and your baby in our high-risk prenatal unit. And we provide high-level critical care for newborns in our Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Answers and guidance

While preparing for delivery, you’re sure to have a lot of questions. You may wonder when it’s time to leave for the hospital, what to bring, where to go or what your baby will need. We’ll answer your questions, and help get you and your baby off to a good start, including:

  • Delivery room first-feeding help and more
    Lactation-trained nurses assist with your baby's first feeding. You’ll have 24/7 in-room breastfeeding, bottle feeding and nutrition-coaching support, plus classes, consultations and access to a convenient outpatient lactation clinic for individualized help
  • Women’s boutique
    On the first floor of Providence Alaska Medical Center, you’ll find specialists to answer questions and show you helpful products, from breastfeeding pillows and pumps to baby carriers and swaddle blankets.
  • Providence Perinatal Support: Pregnancy and Postpartum Counseling
    Ask us about counseling services for you and your family, including assessment, treatment or help with pregnancy, labor and childbirth stress and adjustment. Call 907-212-2014.

When you have your baby at Providence, you’re in touch with a far-ranging support network. The following information can help you get started on your path to delivery. We encourage you to ask if you have questions or need any help before, during or after delivery.

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