Medicare Helpline

We understand how complex and confusing selecting a Medicare plan can be, especially for people who are just turning 65 and eligible for Medicare for the first time. Our hospital is promoting a free helpline designed to help Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan that fits their needs and budget.

New to Medicare?

MedicareCompareUSA makes available helpful resources for consumers approaching Medicare eligibility.

Call the helpline at 855-583-2003 to schedule a Medicare Made Simple telephone presentation. Become familiar with your Medicare benefits, ask questions and learn about your Medicare insurance options.

MedicareCompareUSA Insurance Helpline

The free helpline connects callers with licensed agents who can assist in comparing traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription plans, and then facilitate enrollment in the plan(s) selected. Medicare annual enrollment is from October 15th through December 7th. Licensed insurance agents are available at no cost or obligation to help consumers find a Medicare plan that meets their health care needs.

Consumers can access the free helpline at 855-583-2003, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT, or online at

Representatives are available to:

  • Compare Medicare plans to meet your personal needs and preferences
  • Identify a Medicare prescription plan that covers all your medications at the lowest cost
  • Mail or email literature on plans that interest you
  • Assist you throughout the Medicare plan enrollment process

Medicare patients are also free to contact Medicare plans directly, work with any licensed and certified Medicare agent, or obtain information by going direct to Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE or

Not owned or managed by any Medicare insurance company, MedicareCompareUSA's mission is to provide individuals the unbiased information they need while simplifying the enrollment process.

In addition to providing assistance throughout the plan application and enrollment process, agents of MedicareCompareUSA can provide an annual review of an enrollee’s Medicare coverage during Medicare’s enrollment period between October 15th and December 7th. This often includes assisting members affected by Medicare plan network changes that sometimes occur. Doing so assures beneficiaries have the information they need to proactively select a plan that best meets their specific needs, preferences and budget.

MedicareCompareUSA is an independent insurance agency not affiliated with the federal Medicare program. All services provided at no cost; MedicareCompareUSA and affiliated agents are paid directly by the plan you choose. Healthcare providers receive no financial benefit when patients use the service. Patients are free to contact each Medicare plan directly, work with any licensed insurance agent, or access Medicare plan information by going direct to Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE or