Kidney Transplant Program

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Dedicated to serving the community, the physicians at the Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center believe all patients with chronic kidney disease are entitled to an evaluation for transplant candidacy. Whether you’re referred by a physician, a dialysis center, or if you’ve referred yourself, each patient who enters our transplant center will be evaluated individually and holistically.

At Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center, we provide world-class care close to home. Our team calls West Texas home.

Transplant candidates have two options for obtaining a new kidney: deceased or living donors. Most transplanted kidneys in the United States come from deceased donors. However, there are currently more people on the waiting list than there are available deceased donors.

Living donation is a safe solution to this shortage, as transplant candidates may have willing living donors and not even know it. Kidneys from living donors can last longer than from a deceased donor; living donation is safe for appropriately selected donors. At Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center we specialize not only in transplantation, but the also the care of living kidney donors.

We understand that careful consideration is critical in choosing a kidney transplant center. The Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center is located in West Texas allowing for a more convenient location to not only be evaluated for a kidney transplant but to also provide a location close to home at the time of transplant surgery, having your follow-up treatment provided by your transplant team. This provides the opportunity for a smooth transition back to your community renal provider. After transplant, we will share your care with your referring provider.

Candidates for kidney transplantation either suffer from chronic kidney disease or are approaching dependence on renal replacement therapy (dialysis). Kidney transplant can improve quality of life and even lengthen the life expectancy in many recipients. It is important to evaluate a patient's overall health and risk factors to help ensure transplant success.

Kidney transplantation is usually not recommended for patients who have the following conditions:

  • Active cancer or ongoing serious infection
  • Severe, non-correctable heart, lung, or vascular disease
  • Current drug or alcohol abuse
  • Psychosocial conditions or situations that interfere with post-transplant care or medication management

Our surgeons at the Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center work closely with the transplant patient's referring nephrologist. Following transplantation, care of the patient is in collaboration with the referring nephrologist.

Referring nephrologist play an important role in helping achieve the best possible transplant outcomes. The referring nephrologist's role in transplant patient management includes:

  • Early referral for transplant candidacy evaluation (ideally before dialysis)
  • Communication of changes in the patient's condition that may affect maintenance of candidacy
  • Post-transplant evaluation and management of:
    • Hypertension
    • Cardiac risk
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Bone health
    • Post-transplant diabetes
    • Age-related malignancies
  • Communication of any:
    • Transplant dysfunction
    • Infection

Transplant-related malignancy

The first step towards receiving a kidney transplant is discussing transplantation with your personal physician or nephrologist (a kidney specialist). You can ask your physician or dialysis center to arrange an evaluation appointment with the Covenant Health Kidney Transplant Center. You can also make an appointment directly by calling: 806-725-3800

Once we schedule your evaluation appointment, we will ask to have your medical records sent to us to be reviewed by our transplant surgeon and nephrologist. We will conduct a brief telephone interview to obtain your health-insurance information, emergency contacts and other important general information. We also will mail you a health questionnaire to complete prior to your appointment. You will be sent driving directions to our clinic and information about parking, and other important details that will prepare you for you evaluation appointment.