Joint Ranch at Covenant

One reason many people may put off surgery is because they’re worried about the pain they may experience or a lengthy recovery. Today, advances in joint replacement surgery mean less pain and downtime. At the heart of that recovery is our dedicated rehabilitation program for joint replacement surgery.

At Covenant Health, you can have peace of mind that we are here to help reduce your pain in the most efficient and effective way to get you back in action. In fact, the first step happens before your surgery at Joint Ranch. This dedicated rehabilitation program helps prepare you and your caregiver for the road to recovery that lies ahead.

This unique program operates like a summer camp, helping patients to progress through the joint replacement experience in a group setting.

Patients participate in a pre-operative educational class at the Joint Ranch, then return after their surgery to participate in three to five days of group therapy and rehabilitation. A family member or friend acts as a coach throughout the process to ensure the patient has ample assistance once he or she returns home.

Find out if you're a good candidate for this unique program. Contact Judy Lawley, Joint Ranch Coordinator, at 806-725-3646.