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At Mission Hospital, patients can expect the most up-to-date decision aids needed to tailor their personalized maternity and birth plan. Maternal and fetal safety is our top priority, so interventions like pain medication, cesarean-sections and episiotomies are used only when medically necessary, or as part of your predetermined birth plan.

We empower women by offering a full suite of birthing options, including natural birth in a homelike setting with our new team of midwives. Through a special relationship with CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital, we are directly connected to CHOC’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for babies needing specialized care. And a team of newborn intensive care physicians and nurses are available to attend your birth if medically necessary. We are doula-friendly and provide compassionate guidance throughout your entire birthing process.

Midwifery Birthing Suites

Mission Hospital offers suites dedicated to patients who choose to deliver with a midwife. The midwifery birthing suites are located within the Birth Center at Mission Hospital. Mission Hospital is the second hospital in the state of California to offer an in-hospital birth center to its patients. The private midwifery suites have queen size beds, spacious laboring tubs and are staffed by midwives and nurses who have been educated on physiologic birth. The Birth Center at Mission Hospital offers aromatherapy, spa-like amenities including massage, LED candles as well as sound bars in all of the suites.

Surgical Birthing and Recovery Suites

For scheduled cesarean births or if an emergency should arise, we have surgical birthing suites conveniently located on the labor and delivery unit. After the cesarean birth you and your support person will be moved to a comfortable, private recovery suite, which is adjacent to the surgical birthing suites. You will be cared for, closely monitored and have the opportunity to experience skin-to-skin with your newborn. Breastfeeding is encouraged and supported during this special time.

Mother-Baby Suites

After you have either recovered in your private birthing suite for a vaginal delivery or in the surgical birthing recovery suite you will be welcomed to one of our beautiful and comfortable private mother-baby suites, where you, your newborn and support person will be cared for by our specially trained and highly-skilled mother-baby registered nurses. The majority of our nurses hold advanced degrees and certifications in maternity care. Nursing staff and certified breastfeeding consultants provide one-on-one instruction. We practice 24-hour rooming in for baby whereby your newborn will stay with you and receive his/her care in your room. We encourage the bonding of your family and your newborn, and welcome your support person to stay with you throughout your visit and the participation of siblings and other family members.


Your pregnancy, our priority

Pregnancy is an exciting, joyful event in your life. The obstetricians at Mission Hospital know just how important every minute of this miraculous time is to you and your growing family. We encourage all of our providers to hold maternal safety in the highest regard as they develop a true partnership with you based on respect and a deep understanding of your unique pregnancy and childbirth needs. When you choose an OB-GYN from Mission Hospital, you can be confident you’re beginning a relationship that’s based on trust, shared decision making, and medical excellence. You and your baby are safe in our hands.

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OBGYN Infographic

Your Vision, Safely Orchestrated

How you deliver your baby is a highly personal decision. If you are a low-risk mother expecting a normal pregnancy, you may be a good candidate for an age-old option that’s making a modern comeback –midwifery. When you choose delivery at The Birth Center’s Midwifery Suites, you’ll get the hands-on encouragement of a certified nurse-midwife who guides you through a more natural birth. She is there to honor the birth plan you envision in a safe and personalized environment.

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midwife-with-patientMeet Our Midwives

As you probably know, midwives have been around a long time. Our certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses who have undergone extensive training from a nurse-midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME) and have passed a national certification examination.

Your midwife is your advocate during your pregnancy through the delivery of your baby. She is there to care for you and your baby, ensure your birth plan is followed as closely as possible, and help deliver your child in a more natural manner with fewer medications and interventions. 

Your Individual Plan in a Safe Setting

What makes The Birth Center unique is that we offer midwifery and natural birth in a home-like setting within the safety of a specialty hospital. That means you can have a home-like birth with immediate access to modern safety measures if they become necessary. We’ll honor your decision to have an unmedicated birth, but if you change your mind or certain circumstances arise, we can provide pain management and other services. Also, if it becomes necessary, emergency interventions such as cesarean birth can be performed immediately by an on-site obstetrician available around-the-clock. And, CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital is steps away should your baby need special care. 


Just Like Home, But Fully Equipped

The Midwifery Suites at The Birth Center offer a safe, home-like environment. You’ll find comfortable, family-friendly suites featuring a queen-size bed, spacious laboring tub, and spa-like amenities such as aromatherapy, massage, LED candles, and a sound bar to help you relax during and after the birth of your child.

Take a look at our Midwife Suites, an age-old concept with today’s amenities.

Should You Call the Midwife?

If you are expecting a low-risk birth, the decision is entirely up to you. Doctors and nurse midwives have the same goals –a healthy mom and baby –but their approach is different. Doctors focus on clinical care. Midwives strive for fewer medical interventions and medications, helping you have a natural birth.


Designed to educate new and experienced parents alike, Mission Hospital offers a full spectrum of classes to help support parents in caring for their child. All classes are geared towards promoting an environment that is healthy for babies, parents, and loved ones. Call 877-459-3627  for more information and class registration:

  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Baby save CPR
  • Boot camp for new dads
  • Child passenger safety workshop
  • Caring for your baby
  • Preparation for birth
  • Preparing for your cesarean birth
  • Welcome baby
  • Welcome baby tour

When you are expecting there are many decisions to make - the most important being where to deliver your baby. Mission Hospital believes the birth of your baby is one of life’s most cherished miracles and time in your life. We would like to invite you to deliver your baby at Mission Hospital. Where miracles happen every day!

As a Magnet and Certified Baby Friendly Birth Facility we offer comprehensive maternal infant services, round-the-clock support, and a high touch - high tech environment. We are committed to providing you with quality patient care and nursing excellence in a safe, comfortable environment that meets the needs of your entire family. We respect your family’s uniqueness and value you and your family as important members of the healthcare team. We offer a family-centered care environment and encourage the bonding of your family with your newborn and welcome participation of siblings and other family members.

We are committed to making a positive lasting memory, strive to make a difference for those we are privileged to care for, focused on the pursuit of being the most preferred hospital with superior outcomes and adhere to our core set of values that characterize our culture; Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice.

Specialists are available for every outcome. Should your pregnancy need a higher level of monitoring we have our Perinatal Diagnostic and Treatment Center, as well as an Antepartum wing for expectant women requiring bedrest and extra monitoring. For newborns needing a higher level of care we are proud to have Children’s Hospital at Mission Hospital, a level three neonatal unit.

Registration is easy

Option 1

Option 2
Patients may pre-register by calling 949-364-1400 ext. 2283. Please leave a message and an admitting staff member will contact you.

Option 3
Patients may attend our Welcome Baby Tour Night and pre-register in person. A second benefit of this option is you will be able to sign the Conditions of Admission, which means your registration is complete.

Please contact our Call Center Staff at 877-459-3627 to register for this program. Call Center hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Where to enter the hospital when you arrive for your delivery

  • If you arrive for your delivery between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m., please enter through the main hospital entrance.
  • If you arrive for your delivery between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., please enter through the hospital emergency department.

New families are recognized by their new baby bands, which are applied by the nurse to both the mother’s and support person’s wrist at the time of baby’s birth. This enables the support person to park free of charge during the mom’s stay with us.

Visitor policy

To learn more about visiting mom and the new baby, please read our visitor policy.

While in the hospital, you can share your baby’s first photo with your family and friends. Your baby's first few days are precious. Let Mission Hospital help you capture the moment of your child's first days with a portrait taken by Bella Baby Photography.

How it works

Your professional mini photo shoot will take place in the comfort of your hospital room. Friends and family are welcome to stay to view this special rite of passage. Bella Baby's professional photographers will photograph your baby and post photos to an online slideshow on Online viewing and ordering is available to anyone with whom you choose to share your password. The password protected online slideshow will be available 14 days after the photo shoot. The photographer will review prints, digital images and other items available for purchase.

View your photos

To view your photos, visit and enter the access code provided by your photographer.

Tips for a great photo shoot

  • Bring your favorite baby blanket from home for use in the photo shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborn's photo.
  • We love to include parent's hands in our photos. Wear clear or neutral polish on the day of your shoot. We want your baby to be the focus of the photos.
  • Bring a solid black, brown or gray shirt to wear in photos. We may photograph your baby in your arms. These colors look great in both color and black and white prints.

Midwifery Suites

Labor & Delivery Suites


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