Support Services Team

Nurse navigators

  • Navigation through diagnosis to coordinate timely access to care
  • Coordination of care with the multi-disciplinary team
  • Liaison between the Cancer Program and outside medical agencies and services
  • Identification of patient needs, including barriers to care and make appropriate referral to multi-disciplinary team members
  • Maintains a system of navigation data to provide the highest quality of service to patients

Oncology social worker

  • Counseling for you, your family and caregivers
  • Reducing stress through relaxation skills and mindfulness practices
  • Assistance with talking to your treatment team members/medical system coordination
  • Information about palliative and hospice care services
  • Facilitation of support groups and educational programs
  • Community resources referrals and information
  • Transportation assistance
  • Assistance with advance care planning and with end-of-life preparation including information about palliative and hospice care services, advance directives and community resource options

Oncology registered dietitian

  • Nutrition assessments and developing a care plan that meets patient needs
  • Identify patients who are at high risk for malnutrition and develop strategies to maintain and improve their nutrition status during treatment
  • Guidance on specialized diets and supplements
  • Management of tube feeding and total parenteral nutrition (IV nutrition)
  • Nutrition counseling for cancer prevention and survivorship
  • Recommendations to maximize nutrition intake and quality of life

Oncology financial counselor

  • Target and screen patients for financial assistance programs and foundations
  • Meet with patients to determine eligibility for programs and help assist them in completing the financial forms and application process
  • Educate patients regarding the financial assistance programs and foundations available
  • Work with patient accounts to submit billing information for the patient’s financial assistance program or foundation