Safety and Security

Security Services strives to ensure the safety and security of all patients and visitors in our hospital. Our security officers provide around-the-clock security services for the hospital and medical office building, parking structure and campus.

If there are neighborhood concerns, including parking, please call 503-215-0615 or fill out this form

In addition to the security staff, other hospital staff and volunteers can also assist in meeting your security and safety needs.

To ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors, we ask you to observe a few precautions:

  • Do not use personal electrical appliances (radio, television, short wave receivers, razors, etc.).
  • Do not use cellular telephones. Inform your visitors to use cell phones only in designated areas.
  • Do not touch electrical cords or outlets that may be wet.
  • Be cautious if you need to get up from your bed and ask your nurse if you need help.

Safety Drills

Regular safety drills are conducted at the hospital to help staff members practice responding to emergencies. These drills ensure that our staff is well-educated on safety issues, fire safety, disaster preparedness and crime prevention. Your nurse will let you know if the alarms or voice pages indicate an actual emergency.

No Smoking Policy

Providence Portland Medical Center strives to provide a safe, clean, health care environment, and therefore prohibits smoking inside any hospital building and all other areas of the campus except designated smoking areas. These areas are identified with signs reading, "Smoking Permitted." Patients may smoke in the outside designated smoking areas with the written order of their physician.


Security officers are available to escort you and your visitors to your vehicles 24-hours a day. Additional services include assistance with battery jumping, door unlocking and vehicle locating.

With a multi-level parking structure, visitors sometimes have difficulty finding their vehicles. Each level is clearly marked with a letter and number for easy reference; try to make a mental note of these before leaving the parking lot. If you have trouble finding your vehicle, a security officer will be happy to help.

If you drove yourself to the hospital and will be staying a few days, call security at ext. 56548 once you have settled in. Advise us of your vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number and location. This will allow us to monitor your car.

Monitoring System

Closed-circuit security cameras are installed throughout the facility to help with our campus-wide patrol efforts.

Lost and Found

If you lose something, please notify your nurse immediately, and we will make every effort to help you find it. Unclaimed articles are turned in to Security Services where they are kept for 60 days. To inquire about lost articles, call security at ext. 56548 or 503-215-6548 outside the hospital.

Personal Items

The hospital cannot be responsible for money, jewelry, personal papers and other valuables that are kept in your possession.

We strongly urge you to keep your personal belongings secure by doing the following:

  • Keep no more than $10 in your room.
  • Place any valuables in the hospital safe.
  • Check your room before you leave to make sure you have gathered all of your personal belongings. If you are missing something, report the loss to your nurse immediately.

Precautions for New Parents

Please take time to get to know the staff members who are caring for you and your baby, and be certain of the identity of anyone who asks to take your baby from the room. All hospital staff are required to wear name tags with the Providence Portland logo clearly visible.

If you have questions or concerns about security, please feel free to call security at ext. 56548 or 503- 215-6548 outside the hospital.