Special Services


Letters and packages for patients are delivered each day to patient rooms.

The mailing address at the hospital is as follows:

Name and room number
Providence Portland Medical Center
4805 NE Glisan
Portland, OR 97213-2967

Any mail that arrives after you have been discharged will be forwarded to your home address.


The medical center has access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages as well as American Sign Language. This service is free of charge to patients. Please ask your nurse for assistance.

For Hearing-Impaired Persons

Telecommunication devices (TDD) are available for hearing-impaired patients or for patients wishing to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Amplified phone handsets are also available. American Sign Language interpreters are available at no cost to the patient. Your nurse can help you access these services.

For Sight-Impaired Persons

Seeing-eye and other dogs used for special needs are welcome throughout the medical center. Any patient or visitor who would like an escort may contact a nurse who will make arrangements for assistance.

Quality Management

At Providence Portland Medical Center we are committed to providing the best care at the lowest possible cost. To support that commitment, we’ve established a Quality Management (QD) department to monitor the quality and appropriateness of patient care and the use of hospital resources. Feedback from these mechanisms keeps us aware of how Providence Portland is achieving that goal.

The QM department works behind the scenes, but is directly accessible to patients, handling questions or concerns and acting as a clearinghouse for problem referrals.

If you have any problems during your stay, don’t hesitate to contact Quality Management at ext. 56126 or 503-215-6126 outside the hospital. We will do everything possible to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.