Patricia Pack, Fall Victim with Femoral Fractures

"Everyone was very knowledgeable - from the aides to the nurses and therapists - everyone was very helpful. The rooms were always clean. I enjoyed the people tremendously!"

Robert Chubbuck, Stroke Patient

"The staff members were excellent. This is a top-notch rehab center, probably the best part of this hospital! I was very impressed how the therapists handled such a big guy like me. If it were not for the therapists pushing me, I would not be where I am and would not feel comfortable going home."

Joan Maurer, Fall Victim with Multiple Fractures

"I liked the approach Acute Rehab personnel had and their diversity in dealing with what I needed. They recognized quickly what they needed to do, beyond the basics, and they strengthened areas which I had not kept strong, making them stronger. Each and every one did a tremendous job!"

Reiko Bradley, Stroke Patient

"I had the support and comfort of wonderful people. The amazing nurses, Dr. Lupo and his great acute rehabilitation team helped me to counteract the damages of my stroke right away."

Joan Maurer, Fall Victim with Multiple Fractures

"The speech therapy program was most important for my rehabilitation and many people do not realize how valuable this program can be. It re-teaches you how to reason, think and put together all the thoughts that initially 'scrambled' in your brain due to stroke. Following several months of successful speech therapy, I'm back to 100%."