Patient and Family Support

Providence Cancer Centers provide a broad range of coordinated, compassionate medical care and education and support services for our patients and the loved ones who care for them. Support programs and services available in a variety of convenient locations include Home Care, Palliative Care, Support Groups, and Rehabilitation Services.

A physician referral is not necessary to access Mind-Body Therapies at the Disney Family Cancer Center. For more information, please call 818-748-4701

The John and Lowry Hench Library

The John and Lowry Hench Library at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, founded with a $1 million gift from the John C. Hench Foundation, is a comprehensive resource center with staff trained to help patients and others study the various cancers, treatments, research and clinical trials.

Available information includes educational/informational materials about treatment and alternative treatment options, community resources, support groups and items that address the personal needs of cancer patients.

The Hench Cancer Library is a state-of-the-art center with 4 computer stations for library users as well as 2 stations in the children's area for them to use while family members are doing research. The library also features a "quiet" or "meditation" room with materials on faith, healing, and spirituality, and books of the major religions including the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc.

The Hench Cancer Library sits on the first floor of the Disney Family Cancer Center immediately to the right when entering the building. Natural lighting is provided by two glass walls that make up the corner of the building. The overall theme for the Cancer Center is "Mind, Body, Spirit" with the Hench Library fulfilling the "Mind" component.

Mind-Body Therapies for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatment cause incredible stress for most people. Overcoming and calming that stress through Mind-Body Therapies provides another supportive element for cancer patients and their family members at the Disney Family Cancer Center.

Support Groups Ease Stress, Offer Coping Methods

Services offered at no charge include:

A Stress Reduction Group for Disney Family Cancer Center patients and family members, as well as individuals in the community. The group meets once a week for an hour. Here participants learn techniques for stress reduction such as meditation and guided imagery.

A Patient Support Group for cancer patients at any stage in their treatment process meets weekly. This group provides a safe and supportive environment where patients can connect with others experiencing similar issues.

Guided Imagery Sessions are offered throughout the week. Also open to the community, in addition to our cancer patients, this 30-minute session focuses on healing and stress reduction.

A Caregiver Support Group, led by chaplains from the Spiritual Care Department, meets weekly to assist those providing care to a loved one.

A physician referral is not necessary to access Mind-Body Therapies at the Disney Family Cancer Center. For more information, please call 818-748-4701.

At the Disney Family Cancer Center we have taken great care to include patient support services to make life easier during and after treatment. Patients can:

  • Receive advice from a dietitian on how to eat well
  • Consult with a physical therapist on how to get back to your normal activity levels
  • Explore techniques to reduce stress and learn how to relax through many different mind-body programs
  • Alleviate residual side effects from treatment, through acupuncture or massage.

For most cancer types, our survivorship program also includes a comprehensive summary document of the treatment you have received at the DFCC so that you and your doctors will know exactly what treatment was received and what your long term follow-up plans are.