Cancer Nutrition Services

While you receive your cancer treatment, we want to help you do everything possible to get well including a new focus on your nutrition. Eating right can be really important to your recovery. Our doctors and researchers know that for those undergoing treatments, diets with nutritious foods high in protein and calories do better with the side effects of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery.

Good nutrition includes a balance of protein, calories, fluids, vitamins and minerals. But while you are undergoing treatment, eating “right” can sometimes be challenging. That’s why our nutrition team at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital are here to help guide you (and your caregivers) on healthy food choices and ways to improve your eating habits.

Our registered dietitians will work with you to find the right food choices to help you feel better and stay stronger before, during and after treatment.

We provide the following education, assessment and counseling:

  • Eating well prior to and during treatment 
  • Managing symptoms while on treatment 
  • Managing specialized feeding regimens, such as tube feedings and IV parenteral nutrition support 
  • Educating  patients, families and our community on nutrition

Contact Us

We encourage patients to ask their physician for a referral to our nutrition experts for a personal nutritional consultation.

Contact us for additional information on our nutrition services or to schedule an appointment at 714-734-6277.

Ask the Dietitian Class

All questions are good questions and we invite both patients and caregivers to attend our dietician class to get answers. This is friendly class where patients and caregivers can better understand how diet and nutrition may help in the treatment and recovery process.

Typical questions to be addressed:

  • What can I do if nothing tastes good? 
  • What can I eat when I have no appetite and can’t afford to lose more weight? 
  • Does sugar feed cancer or make my tumor grow? 

For more information, view our classes and events: