Psychosocial Support

Supporting you every step of the way: Psychosocial Assistance

We’re here for you always—especially in times of crisis. As special support for you and your family, our oncology social workers provide psychosocial services as part of our integrated care team. Our team conducts research and connects you with essential community, state, national, and international resources. In addition, they provide emotional and spiritual support and assist with complex needs such as helping you adjust to illness, dealing with transitions and decision-making, and communicating with family members, friends, and your healthcare providers. We work together to create the care approach that’s right for you.  

Understanding your diagnosis

Our oncology social workers can answer many questions and provide support and assistance in the following areas:  

  • Psychosocial assessment 
  • Interdisciplinary team support 
  • Coping with a new diagnosis, change in treatment, worsening prognosis or end of life care
  • One-on-one supportive counseling for you, your family and caregivers 
  • Facilitating communication with family members 
  • Defining goals of care and quality of life issues
  • Support groups and special programs
  • Referral to community resources, such as transportation and financial resources
  • Education about complementary medicine and self-care 
  • Referral to legal resources
  • Education about advanced directives, insurance, disability, and Social Security
  • Advocacy

Our oncology social workers provide short-term supportive counseling to you and your family as you adjust to a new cancer diagnosis and complete treatment. We partner with The Center for Cancer Counseling to provide long-term counseling services to you and family members experiencing any of the following: 

  • Coping mechanisms are no longer working as well or at all
  • Loneliness/isolation  
  • Feeling afraid, scared or anxious 
  • Consumed and overwhelmed with dealing with cancer
  • Feeling like life is out of control
  • Irritability
  • Withdrawn from activities that you used to enjoy

Contact us

The Center for Cancer Counseling services are provided by appointment only. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 949-474-4337.

For more information on services provided at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, contact one of our oncology social workers at 714-734-6279.