Arts in Healing

Patients who engage in creative arts while in the hospital experience reduced stress, less pain, have shorter hospital stays and heal faster. Arts in Healing is an evidence-based program that provides an outlet for communication and expression while focusing on wellness and well-being—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Arts in Healing Staff and Volunteers Provide the Following Opportunities: 

  • Art Therapy  
  • Music Therapy 
  • Visual Art   
  • Music 
  • Dance/Movement 
  • Poetry/Journaling 
  • Theater/Drama 

The benefits of Arts in Healing include:

  • Encourages expression of emotions related to illness and hospitalization 
  • Promotes faster healing 
  • Lessens stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Builds positive coping skills and resilience 
  • Reduces the perception of pain 
  • Increases insight, self-awareness and self-discovery 
  • Increases overall feelings of well-being 
  • Normalizes the hospital experience 
  • Offers opportunities to exercise choice and control within the hospital environment 
  • Builds relationships with hospital staff and other patients